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I registered for this website after going through my first shipment of Wen Hair Care in order to talk myself out of buying a $50 + bottle of hair care, because lets face it, it's a completley excessive amount of money to spend on hair care! I have to admit, my hair was much more hydrated then it was prior to use.A few o down falls.

It's not an amazing cleanser. I understand that it is a low abbrasive, non-lathering cleanser. I just don't like to have to wash my hair every day! Also, the first shipment (if used as directed) is NOT a 90 day supply.

I've noticed a lot of complaints about the automatic shipment agreement.

Any time you order a product through Guthy-Renker ( and maybe even the WEN company itself) you automatically recieve automatic shipments every month. I know, it's decietful! It's something that their sales people breeze through during your lenghty ordering process over the phone. I learned this lesson the hard way years ago when I decided to try Sheer Coverage through Guthy-Renker.

Now, whenever I decide to get a deal on a new product from them, I cancel my account as soon as I recieve my package. If the package is taking longer than two weeks to ship, I simply call and cancel the account making it very clear that I still wish to recieve my original order, but non after.

They think they are so sauve! Meh!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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Anytime I order online I use my prepaid debit card. I only put a certain amount on the card so after I order and I do not want anymore product I just dont put money on the card. If I get more product and a bill I ask them where can I send the FINAL payment.


Meh, you are awesome! lol

I do exactly the same thing.

I learned my lesson after years of ordering pro-activ from Guthy Renker. You just have to know how to one-up their *** system and make it work for you.


THE PROBLEM IS GUTHY RENKER NOT WEN!!!!! I am so tired of complaints addressed to Chaz Dean or WEN as the real issue is with GUTHY RENKER!!!! GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT PEOPLE!!!!


I was forced take their second shipment today..customer service is really bad and money has left my account. I have to call bank and apply a new credit card to stop them take money from my account.. do not buy anything from Wen..


very bad way to do business.customer service is *** had to change my bank account to keep them out. would have ordered product again but now will trash it every chance i get.