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I placed an order in Feb. In March I finally called Wen and asked where my product was and the guy said I don't know?...

He said if you don't get it by the weekend call back Monday. So Monday rolls around and nothing so I give it another week and call back in again, this time I get a lady and she says it was just shipped out and it's sitting in Richmond, I asked for tracking information she said she couldn't provide it?? So I told her to cancel my future shipments and if I didn't have my product within the end of the week I would file a charge back and she hung up on me.....i filed the charge back and won as tracking showed I never received anything and told my company to not allow any more charges from them so I thought it was's now April, I still have yet to receive ONE order but have been invoiced 3 fricken times and got a bill in the mail saying to pay them. So I call in today and the girl says they are processing a new order I now owe $128 and have to pay it no matter what.

I tell her I don't want it, I never agreed to $128, I still haven't received my $30 order and not to ship any new orders and she says she is not allowed to cancel orders and hangs up on me!

What a joke! I wouldn't recommend ordering from them to my worst enemy!

Monetary Loss: $128.

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Peterborough, Ontario, Canada #865807

I hear you I've went through different numbers, cancelled autoship twice now via phone and they still keep shipping and charging my credit card. Its too bad i like the product but because of this poor business practice i have made sure non of my friends (salon owners) or family will buy this product.

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