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Unfortunately, I had the misfortune of ordering WEN on-line.I thought I'd try it.

When I placed the order, I saw nothing that talked about automatically setting me up for auto-delivery. As I was checking my bank account on-line, I found a debit for WEN in the amount of $38+, so I called them to find out why. They told me that I was automatically set up for auto-delivery and that it was too late to cancel. I told them to cancel this immediately; that I did NOT authorize this.

They skirted around the issue by asking me why I didn't like the product - what was wrong with it, and other rediculous questions that tried to distract me from cancelling my account. It got to the point that I finally had to state "Cut the ***. I expect this to be cancelled - IMMEDIATELY." It was only then that she stopped asking questions. She also became hostile.

If Chaz Wen is aware of this approach, he's as sleazy as their approach. If he isn't aware, he needs to wake up and smell the coffee, because eventually he'll have to deal with the bad press his company is receiving. FYI - QVC also sells this.

I wonder if they know what's really going on here.At this point, even if I liked the product, I would stop using it on principle alone.

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Really??Am I the only person on the planet that can read?!?


Starting 30 days from your order date, you'll receive a new 90-day supply every 3 months at the guaranteed low price of just $29.95 per month plus $8.99 S&H per shipment, which will conveniently be charged to the card you provide today unless you call to cancel. There is no commitment and no minimum to buy.

To customize this program or future shipments and charges, call customer service anytime.Every WEN® purchase includes a 60-day money-back guarantee of the purchase price less shipping and handling.


Call your credit card fraud division.They may be able to assist you.

I did that when I had a problem with eBay/paypal.Chase took care of it for me.


Ordered product as a gift, and I too was set up for auto-ship.When 2nd shipment arrived I called and cancelled auto-ship, was told to return the 2nd package and I would be issued a refund.


So far I have been billed AGAIN, and was told that my return never arrived.How Bogus and what a crappy way to run a company...

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