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I ordered at 29.95 later I found out that they had charged me 206.95. I paid that and told them to stop sending me their products.

About 4 months went by and they sent more and charged me for it. I called in and was told that I had to pay to have it sent back. I did it cost 6.95 and I had to pay for tracking. I called back gave them the number they say it should take 2 weeks for the refund yeah right after many angry calls and me saying I was not going to just let them get away with it they finally gave me my money back.

Needless to say DON'T BUY THIS! and it doesn't work on top of it all.

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Yup, they lie from the get go;"just call and it will be cancelled!

the product itself is the worst thing I have tried since "grandmas" lye soap; WEN is heavy-handed gluey, stinky poo-poo. Try Suave cut with 3/4 water.NICE!

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