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Don't fall for this company. First, the products don't work as advertised.

You'll wind up with greasy hair and the same results as before. But WORSE, the alleged "trial" 30-day offer automatically signs you up to get a new shipment, and your credit card gets charged almost double the initial offer. Total scam. You have to pay for return and wait almost 2 months for a refund.

Shame on WEN, shame on me for not researching this scam before ordering. You're smart to read reviews first.

Save yourself money, time, grief and aggravation. Run don't walk away from this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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Beware.....these folks on here that "love" this product are the same doorknobs that work for the company. Remember.....they can post on here too.

But think about it..........why would you post how much you "love" a product on a pissed off consumer website? The complaints are the only ones on here you should believe.


unfortunately I am a victim of this scam too. The customer service people are zero help.

Returning the product is an arduous task and the customer service rep said that it would take weeks for the money to be refunded! I do not remember seeing this fine print!

I am absolutely disgusted! What is worse is that I like the product!


My hair was greasy and looked worse than I had started with! I am so mad that my hair looks like I have not washed it in days! :(


My hair was greasy and looked worse than I had started with! I am so mad that my hair looks like I have not washed it in days! :(


I would just like to say that the advertisement does say that you will receive additional products until you cancel and you have 60 days to return the product if you were unhappy with it. Well that is what is said in the uk and I ordered it, used it, and decided that I didn't want to get any more products so I phoned up to cancel which was done but I just had to pay for the product that I had as it was over the 60 days.

I haven't had any problems with their customer services. I think the reason you had greasy hair is maybe you didn't use the product correctly or you got the wrong product for your hair. Did you order the sweet almond and mint? If so you should've tried the cucumber and aloe as it is especially for fine/ greasy hair.

The secret to using the product properly and getting the required results is in the rinsing. If you rinse properly then you get all the product out and it will feel a lot better.

If you rinse a lot then rinse for a couple of minutes more then you will be about right. If you've heard the term of squeaky clean then rinse until your hair squeaks when you run you fingers down the length of your hair and you know you have got all the product out!!


You guys should be careful of blaming Wen Cust Svc. They read you a script when you order, explaining the addl shipments. I called when I felt mine came too soon, and they sent me a return label, and refunded me the same week!


Couldn;t agree more. The product didn't work and the automatic repeat order must have been buried in the small print because I was NOT expecting more of the stuff.

I am mad at myself for not checking it out like I usually do. And really mad at Wen because the product is so inferior to anything I have ever used before.


Buy this on qvc if you do not like it easy return and no extra charges.