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Update by user Mar 28, 2018

If someone wants to pick at spelling then that’s probably the universe telling them that they were not really put together correctly as someone must have mispelled the instructions when it came time for programing manners the read banners and screwed up. It is just a blog and not a legal document nor did I claim to be a Journalists.

As for the poor girl that is a victim of munchausen syndrome by proxy my heart goes out to you. I have used their product for years and you were probably shampooed with drain cleaner, product of choice with these kind of people. I would seek protection from the local law enforcement if the victim is reading this. If you don’t understand the term, it is common and you can google it by using copy / paste if you can’t spell it again.

Funny how the cheap digs are always Anonymous. And Yes the Public Schools did fail me but I made up for it and am sure I will never reach the level of bitterness all by Anonymous. 1,2,3. PS Hope you were on camera when you purchased the drain cleaner.

People like you need serious help. They have found not active ingreadient that could cause this to happen they way you discribed it and why would you do it twice?

Original review posted by user Dec 27, 2016

Most people do not realize that soap as we know it came from the American Indians which do not use it every day. I makes sence if you are using a conditioner as shampoo and only use one product and you are not rincing it completly rinceing it completly that you are cloging the hair follicle AKA the pore where the hair grows from.

If you hair is braking it must be do to other processing such as blow drying, hot combs, hair color, age and lact of nutrition. People will loose several hundread strands of hair a day depending on your genetics and color as every Cosmotology School teaches. You should always diversify your hair products along with what you put on your skin. One leave in or on cosmetic is like contact lenses, if your eyes are irritated you should take them out immediately.

You should always look for expiration dates on everything as it is there for a reason. Common sence people! There is nothing wrong with allowing your conditioner sit on your head for the time it takes to wash your face and brush your teeth as your hair can only absorb so much. The health dose come from within and hair and skin vitamins and avoiding High PH shampoo (lots of suds and makes you hair squeek after rinceing) is opening your hair shaft and will allow the conditioner in.

If you use a hot comb or blowdryer that is too hot for your hand it is probably too hot for your hair and your hair can break off in sections and scortch your scalp. As a famous hairdresser used to say ( use your fingers between the heat and your scalp and if your hand gets too hot you are heating your hair to high ). You should never heat your hair past damp.

Never use a comb or brush that scratches your scalp though you should stimulate your scalp and unclog pores with your fingertips and not your nails. Shake your head darling and if you see fall out you are doing something wrong.

Reason of review: Happy for another reason.

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You really shoud say who you are or was your child taken from you due to your illness?


What does this have to do with Wen? This toxic product caused my daughter total hair loss in two uses.

I never imagined a "gentle" hair product could cause hair loss, so it was used again. Currently has growth on about 3/4 of her head, and large bald spots.

Her hair condition is likely permanently. Don't risk using this product even if you haven't lost your hair yet.


You really should learn how to spell.


My daughter was bald after only two uses of this product on her entire head. The last time, the hair loss was instant on contact.

The product is wrong, not the consumer.

To those who say "they must be using it wrong". No shampoo should cause devastating hair loss no matter how you use it - period.


Wow the public school system really failed you didn't it?

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