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Attempting to return an un-ordered item from Wen, the worker at the U.S. post office noticed the address and warned that her daughter was having trouble with Wen taking money from her account, and that we should check ours.

Sure enough there were several withdrawals, differing amounts so as to escape notice. I had to cancel a debit card, annoying, but I also asked the bank to file fraud charges against Wen/Chaz Dean et. al. The bank did so, and reported back that the charges of fraud were valid, and recovered at least some of the money.

Collection agencies contacted me wanting money - I told them exactly what I'm telling you now, adding that I categorically did not owe Wen any money, nor would I be paying any. They have not attempted any more collections. I suppose they do not want to do business on behalf of thieves.

I am not certain how complicit Guthy Renker or Chaz Dean are in this stealing scam but I have noticed that several of the digit sequences in the account numbers match EXACTLY, no coincidence there, so I suspect they are all in on the scam. If you have ordered from them - check your bank statements carefully, and do not be surprised if you find multiple unauthorized withdrawals!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Wen Cons: Deceptive business.

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