Boynton Beach, Florida

Yes ever since I got sucked in by the Wen hype I have been loosing my hair!! When I finally called to stop the auto billing / delivery I was pressured to continue and never told about the potential for damage to my hair

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I lost 50% of my formerly gorgeous thick hair from using Wen for six months. That was three years ago and it's never grown back.

It came out in chunks before I finally changed to real shampoo and the falling hair stopped.

I HATE HATE HATE Wen and that greasy *** who sells it. What was I thinking buying anything from a sleazeball like that?


I dealt with the same thing myself ... they kept billing my credit card and took a few payments before I managed to stop them.

I also felt pressured by the customer service person and I was told that the only remedy for me, in order to get any of the charges back was to return the unused portion, including the box of products that had just arrived.

I was informed that I would have to pay for the return shipping and that would have cost as much ... if not more than the amount I would have been returned.

I was NOT told that their product was faulty, I was NOT informed of the potential for hair loss, or the itchy, scaly sores that I might have to deal with.