Dexter, Missouri
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Wen has not worked since day one,and it's been several weeks now. I have long and healthy thick hair till my shower last night in which a dime sized hole on the crown of my head fell out.

My hair fell out every shower but not like this,and I thaught I was just shedding. This was a attempt to tame the frizziness,the minor details we worry about!

They are still debiting my account for more money after I cancelled and customer service ***! Wen is the devil and he must pay!!!!!

I sure got a double edged sword this time but I have learned a valueable lesson never to give your account number to a company to debit every month. Do your research before you buy

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Wen was horrible!!! My hair was heavy and felt and looked dirty and oily using the products.

I tried it repeatedly and it got to the point I could not pull a comb through my hair it was so matted together!! I felt like I never washed my hair and it was literally turning into dreadlocks!!! I had to scrub my hair 3 times with regular shampoo to get it back to normal, then regularly had to use a hair repair shampoo and conditioner to get it back to my wonderful pre-Wen state. After I quit using it, I pawned it off on my husband to use.

Even he hated it and said it made his hair horrible and greasy and couldn't comb through his hair. We threw it in the garbage.

Do NOT waste your money on this product!!!!! There are much better things out there than Wen, the hair destroyer.


The WEN ordering is a HUGE scam! I ordered a "trial" size to try WEN.

Then the next thing I see on my doorstep a package of my "auto-shipment" for my 3 month supply (that I did not want, especially for $98). I did not like the product... now HOURS later after dealing with several rude WEN customer service reps. I am now having to have my credit card company block all future charges and fight the current one they billed me for.

This is the BIGGEST SCAM I have ever dealt with!!! DO NOT ORDER, BUYER BEWARE!!!!


I just read the next posting, you don't have to use as much product as they recommend,just put the product on the roots and scrub your scalp,then comb the product through your hair and take a bath,then rinse, ring out the water, and add dab more on the underside and ends. Again you don't need as much product! One bottle lasts me a year and I have waist length hair.


I have had good results with Wen products. My dermatologist said that I have the hair of a teenager, and I'm in my 60's


Wow I just ues WEN for the first time today and I have very fine hair never treated or colored but its seems to feel heavy like when I use too much conditioner. I think I stop I cant thake a chance of loosing my hair. My hubby used it too it was good for him but he had very thick dry hair.


I also was just getting ready to order. But i am not. Anyone suggest anything that actually does work????


:roll just to say, ordering from the gunthey whomever is a scam. i got some from qvc and it was great.


I am so glad I read these reviews. I saw Wen on TV last night and was going to order today. Thanks everyone for putting me off spending my money and ruining my hair.


I have also developed a rash in the back of my neck from Wen. What did you use to cure it?


Thank you all for your posts. I am now not going to purchase this product as I was strongly considering it.

As a side note, I have used Nioxin since losing my hair to chemo.

It is back and better than before, but I still use Nioxin.

I use it every time that I shampoo and use a good quality shampoo and conditioner the other times. For me, Nioxin works.


At first I was happy with it. My hair had become damaged & I was searching for something to improve my hair, which it seemed to do.

Over time, I have noticed my hair thinning out, especially around the crown. I thought it was just me. I started taking supplements, but I think I am going to switch shampoo.

I have also noticed that my hair feels heavier & gets oily quickly. I have never had to wash my hair daily.



cancel through your credit / debit card company, they should take care of it, and they charge the company for causing the dispute!

if they dont help call back 2 days later claiming to have lost your card. they will change your account # and auto charges will stop!

chase is my favorite credit company, every dispute i have ever had was handled before i hung up, and i got ALL my money back every time!

i love chase!


Thanks for your posts, I will now refrain from wasting my money.


I'm glad I read your posting and other comments. I have alopecia areata (sporadic hair loss that comes in circular patches on my head) that acts up every now and then.

I'm sometimes tempted to try these type of products because the hair line I use now is somewhat drying, but is for hair loss. If your hair isn't growing back, try Nioxin which I think helps with hair regrowth, but it can be a little drying (I'm not a worker or being compensate for this statement, just trying to helpful because I know how emotionally devistating hair loss is being a woman).


I just started using Wen a little over a week ago -time to stop! My hair is very long, and Wen just made my scalp around my ears and back of my neck itch, my hair feels dull and dirty, and doesn't shine. Pantene does my hair sooo much better.


thanks for the comments, im not goona get it


I have used wen for two weeks along with my mom,we both have flakes and our hair is coming out easier,I never have flakes!


Thanks for posting. I too have been losing hair immediately after starting the products.

I have been known all my life for having a lot of hair. In two short weeks I have lost so much hair I have thin bangs.

Thanks for validating my fears. I am going to attempt to cancel but there is no info on the site on what to do to cancel.


I just got my firt order of Wen 2 weeks ago.I am very happy!!! I haved colored my hair for 20 yrs, and my hair is very fine, and gets oily quick.Wen makes my hair soft,bouncy/full,and I can even skip a day of using it and my hair is still not oily.Of course any product is not going to work on everyone (that common sense),everyones skin,hair,dna is different.So sorry to the people it did not work on just send it back , and get your money back like it says.By the way the best make-up I have ever used is Bare Minerals !

I have tried everything mac,all the expensive brands , and cheap brands that you can buy at any drug store.Try it! :grin


Hello there. I'm glad you posted this comment. I bought wen products online & I've developed a severe rash on both sides of my neck. I thought it was due to my necklace, but my husband is convinced the rash is due to the wen products I started using about 3 weeks ago.

Have you been able to stop this company from debiting your account?

I just received another shipment of wen products, which I did not order.

Have you had any success getting any of your money back? Have you been successful contacting wen customer service?

Hope your hair is growing back. . . I'm so sorry to hear about your ordeal with this comany and it's products. Best of luck to you.