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I ordered wen starter kit, used it once , omg my hair was coming out in clumps, my scalp itched, n sores on it, call to cancle future orders n for my refund, i told the lady i threw it all away, she said my refund will be back on my card in 48hours its been two weeks n still no refund, i call them back inquiring about my refund n now they say i have to send all the products back for a refund.. hummm why didn't the first lady tell me that.. not good coutomer relations

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Here is what is going on with the Wen formula that caused that poor girl's hair to fall out a year ago. I would like to know if it is grown back mostly, yet as this is a very alarming image.

Anyway, if Wen is all about PH balance, then it may be bonding directly with the hair follicle, which is then more a part of the shampoo than it is the person's scalp, so it "slides" right off. this bonding is caused by electrons in the hair aligning with electrons in the product. it is called "electrolysis," and a chemist or engineer should be able to verify this phenomenon for your case. the hair loss is also from the impacted and suffocated hair follicles, but they are coming out because of a bonding process caused by the PH balancer in the product.

perhaps under a microscope the hair strands from wen hair actually have small holes all over them from the electrolysis. should look into it.


Hello, We would like to learn more about your experience and offer assistance. If you could please contact our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team here:, someone will be in touch with you shortly to assist. Thank you.


Did you really throw it out? That is evidence!

They ask for the lot number, but you can still file a complaint with the FDA, they need to hear from as many as possible. Anyway, the lawyer handling the class action is William Anderson of Cuneo Gilbert and Laduca (I think he's out of LA?) Google Wen Class action - you should find it!

My husband is asking me to post everything anonymous, for now. I left the review recently with before and after pics of my little girl.


Please call the FDA as soon as possible and don't get rid of the product. They claim only a few complaints - someone must have been paid off to "lose" the hundreds they have actually had! There is also a class action law suit.


Thank you anonymous, i will do this.. i don't know about any lawsuits,


first of all that's your fault no refund you should never throw things away unless your told by the company. usually places will send you a return shipping label, common sense is you wait till you make the call and you have your refund than toss out.

how do they know you didn't give it away or you lied that you had problems. and aren't just getting money back and using.selling.gifting the product


I did tell her while i was on the phone with their representatives, i told them my hair was falling out , my scalp was itching, i said i tossed it all in the trash, she said i would have my refund in 24 to 48 hours.. still nothing