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I tried this product and had the same issue many others have had, extreme hair loss in the first few uses. It has been a while since I first tried it, and my hair dresser noticed immediately I had lost over half of the volume of hair that I had.

She actually asked if I was sick and losing hair. Not only did I lose hair and it never fully grew back, it seems to have changed the overall texture of my hair in a negative way. It's never grown in the same again, I assume it damaged the hair at the root. I now have thinned frizzy nappy hair....

meanwhile in the past I could just wash it and let it dry and look fabulous, I now struggle just to keep my hair "calm" and controllable. Of all of the possible "allergic reactions" and such as Wen claims, I have never in my life lost hair from reacting to a shampoo. Maybe redness, itchy, that sort of thing, but losing wads and wads of hair?? C'mon....

something isn't right there. I'm very happy that I only used the product for a short period of time, but the damage is done and my hair doesn't seem like it will ever be the same again. No more long silky locks, just dry wavy nappy hair. When I contacted Wen about the issue, the customer service rep told me the hair loss was normal in the beginning because you shed the broken damaged hair and fresh strong healthy hair grows back, she even swore she experienced the same issue when she first used it.

I was too terrified to continue use and find out. I told her if that's how it's supposed to work it should be advertised as so, either way I wasn't buying it. I wish I had good before pictures of my hair to submit, but I don't have any of the back of my head.

If I ever come across a good before picture I'll have to update that. The difference is shocking.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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