Ridgeland, Mississippi

I loved the infomercials and I thought OMG finally maybe this will fix my hair issues. ( I have EXTREMELY FINE LIMP HAIR) after first use I LOVED and LOTS of my friends whom have seen my hair, said "what are you using ?

Your hair is so shiny!" But the next couple of time, doing exactly what directions say, it was so greasy oily and nasty so stopped using and just knew it was made for thick coarse hair. But I am one of those people that after watching infomercials, I start convincing myself that I just used it wrong so I try whatever it is again lol. Well, it did it again and I know that I used it like bottle said. So I got online and researched and researched what everyone was saying about how they use on fine hair and their results.

I read someone's post that said if u have fine limp hair, like me, and I read someone saying that for fine limp hair, like mine, weirdly u have to get in scalp really good and stick head right under faucet and get it out really good (upside down being head under faucet) and get it out of scalp, which it is the opposite of what people with fine hair would think and ONG it worked and I love it!! Getting in scalp really good cleans it and flipping it over and getting the stuff out of my hair really good on scalp and it is SOOO good !!!!! I do have to wash hair with shampoo every 3 or 4 days but I feel so much better not having to shampoo my hair everyday.

It's awesome !! But if u have fine limp hair, u gotta get in scalp , exactly what we thought was making our hair greasy, get it in there and wash it out really good and I swear u will be surprised :-)

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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