Oakville, Ontario
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I was a professional model with beautiful long natural hair. After using this product my scalp and face broke out in boils and my hair fell out in chunks.

This shampoo destroyed my life. I wish there was a way to make them pay for what they did to me.

If anyone has any info at all on a class action suit please email me!!! pocahontas_indian_goddess@hotmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

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Weird, even without the gross hair and lumpy face I just don't believe you are a model of any sort, much less a professional one. Stop looking for handouts and go work for a living.


Yes, because clearly modeling is not a job that people get paid for or anything. Dat logic.


That's right thank you for that!! Can you believe this *** said that?


Wow right 1 from Portland Oregon you are one evil *** to say that about somone going through something so terrible!!! Its very apparant that you are very ugly because that attitude is consistent with somone who is less than attractive and mad at the world because of it!!

I happen to be a model too!!! And by the looks of her picture one cannot dictate whether she could be a model or not!! Quite frankly from her side profile picture..coming from the professional I am that yes she more than likely definitely is a model!! So your not just ugly but you need glasses and good lesson on the importance of having empathy in life too!!

Oh and any kind of sense, common or otherwise when dictating what you see..in connection to the feelings that bind the two together! I don't know whether to leave my phone number in hopes you'll call and get ugly with me or just find you and come get ugly with you!!!

I choose both! So if you or any of your flunkies want to reach me before I reach you..such would be your best bet cause you will not like our conversation so you or they can reach one of my assistants who's out in Colorado maintaing and in charge of selling my propertys at 720-346-0193!!!


Most models showing the effects of damage are NOT going to b in full makeup ***!


You are pathetic, You don't know what she is or isn't. It is very clear what you are heartless.

I had hair down past my rear and started using when not only has my hair fallen out but I am suffering from extreme headaches. I don't need money but if a company is wrong its wrong. When it knows there is a problem with there product they need to stop selling it.

How long have you been a troll? You see she has lost her hair don't you?


Hello, please email us with your contact information at CorporateEscalationTeam@guthy-renker.com so that we can assist you directly. Thank you.


I too have had the same problem and has lost approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of my long beautiful black hair. The only change I had done was to use Wen.

I cannot leave my house without a hat due to the embarrassment.

My hair has always been my prize and now with a giant bald area on the back of my head into Prost embarrassed and feel completely traumatized if I have to go out in public. If you would like pictures I have those also


I also have hair loss. I put my sub on hold then canceled.

They sent me even more and are trying to bill me for it!