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I was a professional model with beautiful long natural hair. After using this product my scalp and face broke out in boils and my hair fell out in chunks.

This shampoo destroyed my life. I wish there was a way to make them pay for what they did to me.

If anyone has any info at all on a class action suit please email me!!! pocahontas_indian_goddess@hotmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

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I have been using Wen for years. My hair is the healthiest it has ever been!

I use it every day!

I have not lost any hair! I even sleep w one pump of it on my hair just about every night.


I have been using WEN for years and have never experienced anything like what your saying, I love wen and wouldn't think of using any other shampoo conditioner. 63 year old when user for 10 years.


DO NOT SEND ANY MORE OF GLAMOR GOLD TO ME.Pamela Arendale1081 Meadow Lake Way #108Winter Springs, FL 32708


There was a class action law suit. Do a google


There’s always power in numbers. Get in touch with everyone that’s had this issue get them to sign a petition and put their info and issue w the product then contact a lawyer that deals with product lawsuits.

It’s always better to not show up empty handed. if u present those signatures and reports (more the better) of people that have had bad experiences using wen products to the lawyer you’ll be taken more serious.

You’re going to have to do most of the work if you really want something done about this but from what I can see (a model myself)it’s worth the work. Something has to be done.


I don't buy any beauty products, shampoos , conditioners advertised on TV. They are all scammers.

I use the same Silkience shampoo for $1.50 for many years from Dollarama . My hair is beautiful at my old age.


Because coarse thick hair is the only hair type that it works with. Infrastructure and density of the chemical makeup of the strand of your hair type.

Fits like a glove on you. *** works for only your hair type. Does this sort of thing for anybody else. Not an allergic reaction.

It's science and until you realize while we are all human, the outsides look different because of the bottom level underlying structure. Works on your hair. Those with hair like yours. Doesn't help yet destroys everything else.

Where was this product developed in its infancy? It's always key knowledge when understanding whether or not to trust it's advertised credibility.


My mother has itchy scalp and lost some hair. I used the product has well loose some hair in crown area, hair breakage. Had get my hair cut short because it so bad.


Hay there are 75 that said it happened to them too, right there there's means for a law suit like Bill Cosby got his. Something SERIOUSLY needs to be done, research how you can file a law suit and see if you can get the names of the women that also fell victim to this tragedy.

Let this be known and OUT THERE! Call the News Stations.


I feel your pain and would like to know how to sue them because I have 3 daughters and 2 grand daughters and we all had beautiful long hair. Now I had to go use this product and destroyed my hair, thin and never grow any more. I am pissed..I still have some of that stuff laying around..Conditioner and treatment and shampoo I will never use again.


Same thing happened to me


Can someone pls tell me how to file a law suit. I'm having the same problem.


I would also like to know how to file a lawsuit against wen.


You need to call around to some attorneys , explain what is going on...start up a Facebook page where people can join and share their experiences (there could be one already out there) and get the word out, post about the site, etc to have other share their stories, then show attorneys all the others having issues go from there


This is probably due to your type of hair. Your hair might have been already too soft. Some products work best for coarse hair...


your from the wen company you are so evil I saw the same report on the other site with a little girl is BALD! from your product I just ordered this morning and I am fancily worried don't use this product and you guys STOLE 101.1$ I NEVER EVER ordered a mousse I will cancel this is fake DO NOT ORDER


The commercial says FOR ALL HAIR TYPES are you serious?


Bingo! Presented by an American favorite sweetheart actress Alissa fooling people that wish they were as pretty as one of the most flawless actresses, who was paid a bunch of money to sell a product that was meant for the coarse unruly Asian hair type.

And shucks. They kept the name. Probably started in Asia where it didn't make your hair fall out. The lawsuit will be filed because it was advertised as all hair types but the testing that gets the product approved to be able for sale was done on a test group and not in America where it was sold on tv.

Sue the company. And also sue the company that inspects the safety for product approval and maybe also the organization that put them into place to do what they are supposed to do which is test its actual safety not just how to make it cheap get it out fast and sell a ton before anybody catches on that its for one hair type otherwise your fixing something that is not broke, and now you broke it. But in this case your hair falls out. Every product.

Wake up peeps. Good luck and be aware. Always. Every product.

Because THIS. It's always going on and not just what you buy off tv.

From food to medicine to beauty products and paint. Know what's up so you don't become a victim.


I Just used wen twice and my hair is falling out like crazy !!! They also charged me for products I haven't even received !!! I have NEVER had my hair fall out like this and it's ALOT of it falling out everywhere !!!


If you look at ur picture you can clearly see she's had an allergic reaction to something. Whether it be something in wen or something else.

There is a class action going on right now against wen but for this to actually happen people are going to need to have a lot of evidence to make it happen. I use wen. Never had one problem. I know many many people who use wen and have for many years.

Never a problem. My hair actually falls out less with wen. I use to have to rip through my thick corse hair after washing it with shampoo. I clogged the drain every shampoo.

Not anymore. These people have got to be having a bad reaction to something in wen.