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Update by user Feb 05, 2014

It's been three years since my original posting, it took two years for my hair to fully grow back.

I did call the FDA about 6 months after my hair fell out and about one year later a Dr.(I assume, a chemist) who works for them called me back and asked some more questions and said that WEN is being investigated.

More of you need to make phone calls. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT to aid them in their research. This guy is getting rich off of our heartache (not to mention, our money).

Original review posted by user Jan 22, 2011

My girlfriend and I bought Wen shampoo together and after a few months of use we both started to notice our hair was falling out. At first we didn't realize it was from the shampoo, so by the time we did, our hair was falling out in clumps!

My hair is very noticeably thinner and after about a month of not using WEN, it has finally stopped falling out.

The reason this happens is the lack of detergent in the shampoo causes a build up from sebum and dead cells on the scalp, suffocating the hair follicles which causes them to fall out. I WOULD NOT recommend using WEN as your only shampoo, alternate it with ones with detergent to periodically exfoliate your scalp!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Shampoo.

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I statred to use wen in oct of 2013 i used it may be 3 time a week i used the leave in condisner about may of 2014 my hair was getting thin so by january 2015 i quit using wen and by that time i have lost over half my hair i am very dispointed in this product

Thank you

Harriet karst


I was wondering what caused my hair loss ., till I found out in tv. about the product "WEN" I was happy because finally I stop thinking.,I went to doctors a lots of test even lupus and the doctors found nothing I stop using the product around a year ago but my hair still losing.WE NEED SOLUTION TO OURS "BIG" PROBLEM

Thanks for your support.

"We're not alone,were together".


Who can I contact about this product?? My hair is falling out because of Wen!!!!


Wen is a cleansing conditioner


I bought the introductory product last fall, I used it three times and had to stop because my hair broke off to the scalp in the middle of my head. I'm still trying to get ANY kind of moisture to my hair, at this point I'm just using rollers or wearing it in an Afro until it gets healthy again.


I have noticed my hair has been falling out for a few months now. Never thought it could be Wen.

I asked my doctor if the meds I was taking could make you lose your hair and she said NO. I have cut my hair and done all I could to get it to stop. Now I know what is going on I will stop using Wen.

I have fine hair and don't want to lose it. I am so mad.


OMG I've been using Wen for yrs. loved it I had awesome hair.

Now it's falling out too.

When I comb it lots fall out. Happens even when rake my fingers through hair.

My stylist told me I have a bald spot size of nickel.

I never thought it was Wen!!




I have been using Wen for a good couple of years. I have extremely thick hair and thought the product was keeping my hair in good condition, Until...I am losing copious amount of hair in the shower.

I did not even realize it until my hair is now no longer considered thick. I, too, first thought my age, 40's may be the culprit, but after researching all of the other Wen complaints, I sincerely believe it is the reason.

I will not use it again and hope that my hair grows back. I am devastated!


I have been using WEN for a few years now. I still have PLENTY of hair.

I am not losing any more with WEN than I did with just regular shampoo. I love your stuff Chaz !!!


When I first started using Wen (a little over a year ago), I thought it was a miracle shampoo. For the first time in my life, my hair grew to the middle of my back and still is.

I used Wen every 3 days. I now have hair loss on both sides of my head near the temples. It is very noticeable so I comb my hair over the bald spots to cover them. I did notice a change in my hair texture a few months ago and spoke to my hairdresser.

She could not figure out why my hair was thinning and the texture changing. Then I read about Wen causing hair loss. I have stopped using it.

I just hope my hair comes back. Reena


yes improper usage of that product would do that, a manual manipulation of the product at the scalp is what would emulsify your oils and causing them to micro-coat the hair away from the scalp. No investigation needed, try informing yourself of proper usage before you go on a quest to destroy, the reputation of a corporation!!!! Good luck with that lawsuit you will never win!!!

@Hair Salon Owner

you are very nasty ive watched this infomercial a million times he says you can use it every day you are a b word and the c word

@Hair Salon Owner

The directions tell you to massage well into the scalp!!!

And to leave on for the remaining of your shower.

You can smell a chemical smell. I figured out I was loosing more hair than usual after just two weeks so hopefully no permanent damage.


"loosing"?; nice English there Sparky. Try learning how to spell first before posting next time.


My mom just gave me a bottle of Wen to try out and after the second use my hair was falling out in clumps I was freaking out in the shower. Now after reading this I think I am done.


I'm with you! I am done!

I have used WEN for about 5 years and over time I thought I was losing hair do to my age. (40's) I get this *** by the GALLON at Q.V.C. I am canceling ALL orders from WEN! Thank god my hair stylist tex me and told me about what was going on with WEN!!!!!

My hubby uses this also, NOT anymore!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can't take this when I tried to file a suit they told me that wasn't aloud wow I'm bald on both sides because of this product


have you seen this? WEN is finally being sued!

For more information about the lawsuit, contact Amy E. Davis by phone at 214-838-3501 or by e-mail at, or visit the firm's website at

Christiansen Davis, LLC Files Suit on Behalf of Consumers Injured by WEN Hair Products marketed by infomercial giant Guthy-Renker.

PR Newswire

Christiansen Davis, LLC 9 hours ago

DALLAS, March 18, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Christiansen Davis, LLC has filed suit in a California federal court on behalf of multiple women injured by WEN Hair Products. The firm believes it is the first mass action seeking damages for personal injuries caused to consumers by the products.

As described in the complaint, the products are designed, manufactured and sold by Chaz Dean, the Hollywood and self-purported holistic hair stylist, and Guthy-Renker, the direct marketing giant behind Proactiv and other beauty care products. The companies have marketed the products heavily, using nearly round-the-clock infomercials and television advertising with celebrity testimonials, the Internet and popular beauty magazines.

The companies claim the products condition hair and limit or repair damage caused by regular hair treatments and daily styling. As explained in the complaint, they encourage use of large quantities of the products, describing them as "gentle enough to use every day" and claiming, "You can never use too much! The more you use, the better the results." In fact, as detailed in the complaint, the products cause severe and possibly permanent damage to hair, including hair loss to the point of visible bald spots and severe breakage. The complaint, which can be obtained on the CD website at, includes photos of injuries linked to use of the products.

Christiansen Davis, LLC understands that many of the women called the companies for help and were told their complaints were atypical when it appears the companies had received prior, similar calls. Many consumers have taken to the Internet, describing similar situations. Rather than take the products off the market, Attorney Amy E. Davis, lead counsel for the women, understands the companies have increased their marketing.

At this time, the complaint includes women residing in Florida, Hawaii, Indiana, Minnesota, New Jersey and North Carolina. Davis expects more will be added, as the firm is being contacted by more victims on a daily basis. ABOUT: Christiansen Davis, LLC Christiansen Davis, LLC is a Dallas-based law firm providing business, litigation and family law services to individuals and businesses world-wide. CONTACT: For more information about the lawsuit, contact Amy E.

Davis by phone at 214-838-3501 or by e-mail at, or visit the firm's website at To view the original version on PR Newswire, visit:


I bought wen seasonal hair product used it and felt funny not right in head then try second time end up seizure .thought maybe I was wrong try again same thing. So I then gave it two people for christmass and come find out people gave to have been exsperencing passing out feeling when wash hair with shampoo.

I order this qvc. when told them and sent some bottles back got refund of couple bottle not full refund. So now know it not me or people gave to.

wen need investigated what causing this. I paid 89.00 times for each order and bought two order of this.