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Okay, wow. I've always wanted to try Wen and bought it from QVC, one of the home shopping networks. The first time I used it, the new special edition Ginger Pumpkin formula, I loved it. My hair had twice the volume and after curling my hair with a curling iron it stayed curled for days, all I had to do was touch it up a bit. I did not blow dry my hair the first time I used it, I let it dry overnight and followed the instructions putting back a bit more on after towel drying for conditioning.

Now fast forward 4 days later when I shampooed my hair the second time just like the first time but this time I used the blow dryer on it, but not all the way dry. To begin with I have (had) a gorgeous head of medium to dark blonde highlighted hair past my shoulders, medium to fine texture. I have (had) lots of it. I don't get many but I trim my own split ends on a regular basis and am always looking at my ends (with magnifying glasses) so I know it's not my imagination that now after this second washing my hair shaft is splitting in every direction and looks like it's disintegrating from the inside out! I see it splitting way before the end of the hair shaft. Each individual hair shaft is visibly thinner and looks like some kind of fairy floss instead of my beautiful hair.

What ingredient in this shampoo could possibly be doing this damage? Does anyone out there know?

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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I used it the first time and it was great. Then the second time I washed with it as soon as I got out of the shower my hair was splitting and knotted the moment I dried it. I brushed and the knots came out, after a few hours.

The next time I was in a huge rush, washed my hair, towel dried it quickly, and tied it in a pony tail (I had done this times before I started using Wen). That night I took it out of the pony tail, to brush it quickly before bed and the whole top of my hair was matted and in dreadlock like knots. I brushed it for a few hours and it was still the same. I washed my hair with just water and brushed it while it was wet. It hurt like *** and took hours and it wasn't even half done. It was about 3:30am, so I blow dried it with the knot still in there, carefully put it in a bun, and went to sleep.

The next morning my hair was just as knotty, and when I brushed it it would pull out. I didn't want to have my hair all pulle out do I went to the hairdresser. They had to put tons of different things in my hair, and it took all day for the knot to go.

Stopped using wen and never had this problem again. :x


I used Wen shampoo for over two years and loved the product but had to stop using it because of the price. Since I stopped I noticed that the dye in my hair is staying in, when using Wen my dye would wash out of my hair.

I never thought it was from Wen. Also had a lot of hair loss, and still never thought it was from Wen because I was so sold on it. My hair looked so healthy. I also ran out of cleaning products for my floors and decided to put Wen shampoo on my mop.

Would you believe the area I put the Wen shampoo on the mop literally turned white as if I used bleach. It made the mop thinner and whiter. If it does that to a mop than what does it do to the hair. I stopped using Wen and my hairloss is no longer coming out in handfuls.

I really believed in Wen because of how soft and non frizzy my hair was but am concerned about the hair loss and what it did to my mop. LOL Crazy


I have a couple of questions for the people who've had bad experiences with Wen.

Do you use heat on a regular basis?

Do all of you have some type of dye in your hair?

By heat, I mean do you use flat iron, blow dryers, and/or curling irons daily (or near daily)?

How do you comb your hair?

I can't say that Wen didn't do this, but it is possible you had a head full of dead hair if you've mishandled it (like with all the heat)


I had beautiful light brown hair with silvery highlights (gray LOL) I was so intent on trying the product but didn't have the money for the WEN so I purchased HairOne from Sally Beauty supply online. The very first time I put it in my hair, I could see my hair reacting like I'd just gotten chemical services, it looked as if I had just burnt my hair with bleach.

Knots and such, rinsed out right away and was horrified to find my once smooth and shiny locks severely damaged and split ends all the way up to my scalp. I was horrified!

If you are considering this product or the HairOne, BEWARE!! I have no idea what to do to reverse the damage.


I used Wen one time. My hair was relatively healthy before, just a bit on the dry side.

Now it's so damaged, I have a hard time doing anything with it without tons of product in my hair.

I'm going to the salon for a deep conditioner next week to see if that helps. I'm so very sad I tried this nasty ***.






Have you found anything that helps restore your hair?

Mine is braking off. This a terrible thing, these people should be put out of business.


I used Wen a few years back and after about a week or so of use my hair started to break off a lot. I stopped using it and got my money back.

Every time I hear a co-worker, friend or anyone saying that they're thinking of trying it I tell them what happened to me and talk them out of it.


I was going to purchase wen product after seeing infomercial but thought I better see what customer satisfaction online was. Glad I saw all these reviews.

Maybe more natural is the safer way...I have had good results with using equal amounts of Neem Oil,Coconut Oil, and Almond Oil(all these can be purchased at health food stores). You put it on at night,wear a towel to bed and wash it out in the morning. Hair is softer and healthier. I only use it once a week because my hair type is oily anyway and I have to wash my hair daily.

Hope this helps! :)


It made m hair fall out after the first use.

I only purchased it because I seen it on QVC


I have had the same experience-used Wen for about 5 months, and started to realize my hair was looking and feeling dry and damaged when I blew it out. I didn't notice it when I first combed my hair out, because the product was still there kind of covering up the actual dryness.

My hair began to fall out all over, and the "fuzz" around my hairline increased and went back even further. I'm hoping it will start to get healthier, I'm using a shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair now-fortunately my hair was thick to start with, but very fine.


I wish I hadn't sent the bottle back to QVC for a refund. Should have kept it for lab testing.

My hair is so fried it is literally disintegrating daily. Every hair on my head is damaged even the "virgin" hair that's never had any highlights on it and I only highlight twice a year. With the dry winter coming my hair will take years to come back. My hair grows very slowly.

I'm so upset. I look at every hair with magnifying glasses daily and keep having to cut it, the damage is so severe that I'm afraid I won't have any hair left soon. I did not have splits, breaking, thinning or dry hair before I used this product. My hair was beautiful.

I don't understand how this product gets good ratings on the QVC site. My review was never posted on QVC, I tried twice to post it. Makes me wonder.

I feel like I put "battery acid" on my hair. Did I get a "bad" batch?, now I'll never know.


I also have had this same problem. It has been months and my hair is finally growing back.


I also have hair loss and my hair is falling out after one months use of wen, please call your FDA at 1-800-332-1088, they are investigating my claim, but they need to hear from others, and please call your BBB, lets help some one else save their hair before it's to late!!!sad I ever seen this commercial!