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I ordered a trial of Wen for $29.95, the 60 day money-back guarantee deal from the infomercial they play alllll night. At first, everything seemed legit--my shipment & free gifts arrived promptly with no extra charges on my card.

After I started using the products, I noticed that my dandruff was much worse than before using Wen, my hair sometimes felt dirty after washing, not clean & definitely not cleaner like they claim it will be!, and the pores around my hairline were clogging up, causing an itchy breakout. So, needless to say, I decided I didn't want to continue receiving the product. I am so THANKFUL that I found this site while doing a little pre-customer-service-call research! I read through some of the other complaints & was prepared for their tricky tactics!

I also logged into my online account BEFORE calling to gather all pertinent information like when my next shipment was due, and what day did I order everything, etc. As expected, once I finally got through to someone with customer service and explained that I wanted to cancel my subscription & all future shipments, he tried to change my mind (which just really irritates me) by telling me that they have specific products for my problem (yeah, not so much). I calmly reiterated my desire to cancel. I even told him that I understood that it was his job to try to keep me as a customer, but no matter what he said, at the end of the phone call, I would still be canceling.

I wasn't concerned with returning the original shipment for my money back, I just wanted to cancel. At that point, he tells me he sees that I have a $60somethingsomething balance on my account. I told him that wasn't possible. And, before he could say anything, I said, "let me guess, a shipment already went out, right?" He stumbled a little over his words as he told me that actually a shipment had gone out the week of the 10th.

HA! Now, I'm angry b/c I had just checked my account online to confirm that no additional shipments had been scheduled or sent, none were due until December as my frequency was set to 12wks, and my account had a zero balance. He tried to tell me that my 2nd shipment was scheduled 30days from the original one. I told him that quite honestly that sounded like *** b/c first of all, it's a 60day money back guarantee--why would you send me more product during my evaluation phase?

You wouldn't. He was trying to snow me right then. And, also, the week of the 10th? How convenient that he gave me a date that was only 3 days prior to my phone call!

AND he couldn't even give me a date, just the general "week of". That's insane! I told him there was no way I was paying for that, and since he couldn't cancel (as he claimed), he needed to give me the return instructions now b/c I wanted my money back ASAP. In the end, he claimed that I should "trust" him that he had indeed cancelled my account.

He was hesitant to give me the confirmation/cancellation number. He told me it would be in my email in the next 24hrs. I told him to please provide it while I was on the phone just in case something went wrong. I definitely plan on getting a receipt from the post office when I return this product!!!

I will get my money back! I am annoyed & determined! The product itself might not be so bad, but it wasn't for me, and it might be for some people.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day, they have horrid customer service, and dishonest sales policies, both of which I find appalling in a business. Never Again Wen!

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Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada #948288

Just wanted to say thank you for your honesty on this product providers. I'm sure it's a good product.

But I don't need it that bad and definitely don't need the hassles!!! As we all know life has enuff!!!! I will stick with my shampoo I get at the store that works great and is 3 x's cheaper.

Lol!! So again thank you

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