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I find the hair product to be of high quality. My beef with WEN is that, unknown to me who intended to place only one order, they placed me on a recurring shipment and shipped a me a 3-month follow-up supply debiting over $90 from my account.

There was no obvious indication that my placing an order online would place me in a recurring shipment account. When I called their customer service number to state my preference, rather than initially agreeing to delete the account, the representative tried to sell me ongoing shipments at a 20% discount. This 'sell' caused me to even further suspect that the lack of WEN's obvious disclosure of account establishment upon an initial order was deliberate, to rope customers into unrequested future shipments for which WEN would automatically debit their bank or credit card accounts.

I told the representative straight out that this was a deceptive sales practice and that WEN should explicitly place recurring shipment terms on its website, making them an expressed option to customers. So now I have to go the the trouble and expense of returning the product, then wait for a refund because WEN chose to deceptively corral a customer, rather than conduct better business.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $96.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Wen Pros: Product.

Wen Cons: Deceptive marketing practice.

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I just bought the product from QVC and don't know that I think it's that great. I have good hair days and bad days.

I have fine hair to begin with and very curly. I haven't noticed any thickening of my hair or anything spectacular like the models shown in all the shows. I may send it back. I have found a natural product L'Bri, which works nicely.

You can purchase that online.


hello,same thing happened to me and now I know that its happened to other people that *** me off.


I just sent them an email and said I had called and arranged for only certain products to be shipped to me every three months and had no intention of paying for or returning what they had sent. They said I would get a credit, I could keep the merchandise and was correctly set up for a three month schedule.


Is the product good as they say? I have put this off because of my uncertainty of products.

Does it make your hair fall out? Or is it as good as WHEN claims?

TY, Janene :)


I found the product to be very good, though a little pricey for my budget.

The shampoo treatment seems to thoroughly cleanse the hair without harsh chemicals.

WEN maintains there are no harsh chemicals in their products. And from reading the ingredients, and from the improved condition of my hair, I believe their claim.

My hair did not change form.

The product did not straighten out my curl pattern. But it did make my own hair form highly manageable, fall gracefully, and thicken with stability.

I would recommend WEN to anyone who is willing and able to pay their prices.


Run for the hills ... I bought the product and have been dealing with massive hair loss for the last many months and at this point in time, have lost easily 1/3 of my hair volume and have balding patches that may or may not regrow.

In the last 4-5 years they have received over 17,000 similar complaints, yet the product is still on the market. There are 2 class-action lawsuits under way at this time and I expect there will be many more in the future.


I had been using Wen products for about 18 months and during that time I lost about 3/5 of my long beautiful hair. I stopped using the product but my hair has continued to fall out but the falling has slowed as time has passed.

All in all over the last 2 years I have now lost about close to 4/5's of my hair. I have long jagged streaks of bald areas which have become almost impossible to cover.

It breaks my heart to have my hair be so thin that you can see strait through the part that is hanging down my back. My only hope is that eventually it will begin to grow back but I don't know anything for sure.


I ordered my introductory kit, that was enough for me to know I was joining a recurring shipment program. They were automatically willing to delete my account and I almost did. By the time the next shipment rolled out I was already impressed with the way Wen products have saved my hair and done it within only 1 month of use.


I am happy you like the product. I like the product also.

It was simply a little costly for my budget. When I ordered, no one notified me of recurrent shipments. The next shipment simply showed up with an automatic deduction from my bank account.

It is great this didn't bother you, but with my budget constraints it was an unwelcome surprise. I consider the lack of notification involving automatic recurrent shipments to be a deceptive business practice.


In sephora there is a brand called brigeo.. $20.00 for a big bottle of cleansing conditioner, smells great, not as much build up, all natural, styling products are just as great, and they have a clarifying shampoo for when you accumulate build up on the scalp which closes the hair folicle and causes the hair loss.

Just a tip! I got a sample and I have two full bottles of WEN and hate to waste but this product was awesome and affordable!


Thank you for that tip! I'll look for Wen Brigeo.