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I am very disapointed in the customer service and deceptive practices of this company. I ordered Wen products to try because it seemed like a good product.

Well, they billed my credit card again,WITHOUT my permission and mailed a new shipment. They said I may not get my money back for six or seven weeks. Who told them to take my money anyway???? I made a one time purchase.

I did not make a lifetime committment!!

I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone I know. If their product was everything they say it is they wouldn't go to such lengths to steal people's money!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I am so thankful to have read these reviews. I almost ordered!


I am so thankful to have read these reviews. I almost ordered!


I cancelled my Wen order in July 2011. Today Oct.

15, 2012 I received a shipment with a $98.00 invoice requesting payment apon receipt. I called and they said it was an error and advised that they would send me an e-mail confirming that I am not liable for this payment.

That was around 12:00pm today, it is now 5:00 and still no e-mail. Hope this doesn't turn into another Wen nightmare!


Thank you so much for sharing! I almost ordered!


I was also lied to when I ordered the first time plus they sent me a larger package than requested. I was told one price and when I called to inquire a charge of 29.95 on my account I was told the package.

as would any following orders I ordered would be 89.95. After reading these reveiws I can see this is not a company I want to deal with, My daughter is also using their products but after I inform her of their FRUADULENT BUSINESS PRACTISE she will no longer receive their product.

I will be notifing my bank to have further withdrawal stopped. :( :(


I love the Wen conditioning cleanser, but I hate the way they do business. I was overloaded with product.

No matter how many times I called and ask then to put a hold on sending out product and they agree..it kept coming. And they keep right on billing. I still have 5 bottles left, which will last me a long time, but I will really miss it when it is gone, but not enough to do business with them again.

I am finally even-steven in the money department, but it took many phone calls to get it done. All I can say, is their way of doing business is a lousy way to lose a customer who really likes the product!


This Company is sooo very Deceptive!!! Thank Goodness I did cancel after 1st shipment,But like all the others I too was billed again & again for something I thought was only $29.99.

Then calling in they told me I actually ordered "something ELSE" what a PAIN!!!

Had to send a check hope it's over.. BTW, Makes OK dog shampoo


I too, fell for this company's scheme. I didn't realize that I was paying installments on a mass shipment, not on a month to month basis, as is advertised in their commercials. As a busy college student, I simply postponed my shipments (because there's not a way to cancel online and who has time to spend hours on a customer service hotline?) and was surprised to find I was still being billed.

They've over drafted my account several times and did NOT follow the billing schedule listed on my invoices or according to what the customer service representative told me. I am very displeased with their practices and to boot, their product just makes my hair extremely oily. I get better results from Wal-Mart shampoo.

PLEASE- spare yourself from this nightmare and DO NOT order this product! I wish I hadn't! :(


:( These people are the biggest LIARS!!! How do they keep getting away with this?


I've also been lied to by the company that offered a 1 time starter kit purchase of Wen haircare products (at about $20). But I understand why now. I thought if I asked all the right questions, had the sales rep repeat everything back to me clearly including everything I was being billed for and which exact items were being shipped, then no unauthorized charges could possibly be put on my credit card. Also, I told her that I wasn't interested in joining the club which I now know doesn't mean you save any money! As pleasant as that sales rep was she either lied to me or had no clue that the company automatically enters any new customer into an auto ship program.

Needless to say, I was not thrilled when almost $100 of products I didn't order arrived at my home...and then I was billed for it over the course of several months. I did keep and use it so I'm not upset about Wen's products or their quality at all. I'm upset about the deceitful way this particular company does business.

Even though I asked the correct questions and was very clear about what I didn't want, they assured me they'd listen to me then they lied and charged/shipped me more than what we had agreed upon.

If you've read this and also disagree with the way this company does their dodgy business you can always purchase Wen hair and body products at qvc. They seem to have good deals, a larger selection and no tricks. S&H and taxes can get pricey though. Another option is Chaz Dean's actual site but the products are usually more expensive there.

Here is the # to cancel any future shipments from that shady company: 1.800.685.3216

I hope no one else loses any more $ or gets decieved. After all, we're just trying to catch a break on our already pricey haircair.


I am so frustrated with dealing with these people and trying to get my money back. When I cancelled my order they said I still owe them a balance of $59.90 !

I have been billed every month since 12/8/2011 how could I possibly owe them any more money.

I have paid a total of 184.24 already plus now they want 59.90 more. What happen to the 19.95 1x fee that I agreed to....


I am so frustrated with dealing with these people and trying to get my money back. When I cancelled my order they said I still owe them a balance of $59.90 !

I have been billed every month since 12/8/2011 how could I possibly owe them any more money.

I have paid a total of 184.24 already plus now they want 59.90 more. What happen to the 19.95 1x fee that I agreed to....


Just got offer 9.95+free s/h +2free gifts. So happy I checked REAL reviews.

Good looking out!! Glad I missed the WEN NIGHTMARE!!!!!!


I received my first trial pkg. According to the tv ad you can cancel at any time.

I received the shipment and tried to cancel right away. With the two phone #s given you cannot get past the 10 digit phone #... it is not geared to receive calls from Canadian consumers!!! It tried emailing customer service as indicated on their statement of order.

I have tried everything and cannot get in touch with them. Their contact us page on their website is completed with errors.....I tried from 3 different computers. I am going to nip this in the bud I will cancel my credit card if necessary!! A real SCAM!!!!

I haven't even tried the product but won't. I won't send back because then they have my money Plus the product!!!


I am also pissed!!! product is NOT what they say it is...junk!!! and they keep billing my credit card without my permission!!!


I ordered and cancelled after 2 wks - the product turned my hair to wire. I called in and got a return code- following Amanda's instruction to the letter.

still they charged me the first of every mo. for 3 mos. I was able to get my Credit to refund - but now they are comin after me. I am sending a complaint to the U.

S. Consummer Complaint Div under the FTC.


i have the sames story - once you stop it good luck getting your money back - i am going to make a complaint with the state consumer service division

the product also left my hair like an oil pit


Rip Off!!! Rip Off!

Rip Off!

I placed an initial order of the product. It caused serious skin irritation. I followed all the steps for returning the unused products then sent an e-mail asking about my refund -after waiting 3 months. In the first e-mail, I stated the facts, received a response that seemed to be written by a robot; sent a second e-mail with more clarification and received the same e-mail in response.

With the third e-mail, I sent copies of their FAQ, my receipt for priority mailing of the returns and confirmation of delivery of the returned items (within the "guaranteed" 60 day trial period and received the SAME "sorry for the inconvenience" response. No refund! One order and they have your money! But, even if they've been robbing customers like this for years, karma will catch up with them eventually.

I did find the "fine print" website early on and cancelled my account and any future shipments.

I wish the thought "Buyer Beware" Loudlty resounded in my head before I ever hit "order" for this product. IT IS A RIP OFF!


I've been had by this company too!!!!! They are total rip offs and the product is not that good and certainly not worth the price they charge.

It has a medicine smell to boot. Save your money.


I'm niť a current customer or affiliate. However it plainly states through all steps of the ordering process that after 30 days you will be autobilled and shipped a 3 month supply. So this complaint is more user error than against the company itself.