Roscoe, Illinois
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I ordered your set a year ago in the lavender scent. You sent me vanilla.

I hate the smell of vanilla and called you. Instead of sending the lavender scent set, you send ONE bottle. I sent the vanilla set back and never got the complete set of lavender that I ordered and paid for. Then you send another set 6 weeks later and charge me 60.00.

I still didn't get the 1st set I paid for. I called you and told you to cancel the subscription. 2 months later you send another set and charge me for that as well, then all the sudden you send vitamins that I NEVER ordered and bill me for those as well. How dare you to send me items I didn't order.

(wrong scent PLUS Vitamins) and expect me to pay for them. I NEVER wanted your vitamins, I NEVER accepted your offer for them, you send them to me, bill me and after 2 phone calls to you still expect me to pay for them, then have the GULL to send my name to a collection agency? I will NEVER pay for something I NEVER ordered. You have yet to send me the correct lavender set I did pay for.

I will never recommend your product to anyone. I am sending a complaint to BBB and every complaint site I find. What you have done to me is VERY wrong. If you would have gotten the order RIGHT, I would probably still be a customer, but screw me over and I will be your worst enemy.

I fully intend to let the thousands of people I know how you screw people over. In fact what you did to me will be put on my web site as well for everyone to see.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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I've had to call twice to cancel because they didn't the first time I called. They sent correct order, but caused me to lose most of my hair & I was forced to cut it & must now wear a hat (mind you my hair WAS past my waist). They also sent me vitamins and tried charging me $100 for them.


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