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I bought wen from the tv add.I had high hopes for it.

After one use i did like the appearance of my hair , but have had very itchy scalp from only this one use.

I like so many woman have tried everything to help my hair that is fine and colored look and feel healthy. I have not had this problem of itchy scalp before using wen. It isn't just a mild case.

It is annoying and i find my fingers in my hair scratching every few mins.between scratching I, am trying not to scratch Has anyone else noticed itching scalp?

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I am going through it right now.

I am using the product and my head is itching so bad ..I cant stop scratching my head, I feel like a have head lice.

My scalp actually is tingling all the time.Not going to use again!!!

to Anonymous Novato, California, United States #1144341

I am sorry you are having the same issue.So many people have it I can't imagine how they stay in business !

It took a few day's of using shampoo with a very low amount of ingredients, and no fragrance before the itching stopped.Good luck!


Yes I'm constantly scratching my scalp,my scalp never itched like this until I started using wen by Dean Chaz... You're not alone...


I have been using Wen for 5 days now, I am itching my scalp so much that i look like I have lice.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #995786

I have that problem with Pureology shampoo. I think it's the menthol.


Unfortunately, my scalp is itching as well.I love Wen, it’s easy to use, my color stays in forever, don’t even mind the price, but I find myself so uncomfortable that I’m wondering where to go from here.

I can’t go back to regulars shampoos.

Never had a itchy scalp till Wen.


i had the same problem, very itchy scalp. 1sr couple times i used it it was fine, and my hair also became brittle as well

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #850123

Thank you for the comments!I have been using Wen Fig for approximately one month now and have experienced extreme scalp itch after I use it.

Drives me crazy!

I actually thought I may have head lice...Thankfully no head lice, but wish I hadn't spent the money on this stuff.

Discovery Bay, California, United States #839218

I had the same thing happen

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #838751

Same problem! The itch is so BAD!!!

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