Novato, California

I bought wen from the tv add. I had high hopes for it.

After one use i did like the appearance of my hair , but have had very itchy scalp from only this one use.

I like so many woman have tried everything to help my hair that is fine and colored look and feel healthy. I have not had this problem of itchy scalp before using wen. It isn't just a mild case.

It is annoying and i find my fingers in my hair scratching every few mins. between scratching I, am trying not to scratch Has anyone else noticed itching scalp?

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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I am going through it right now.

I am using the product and my head is itching so bad ..I cant stop scratching my head, I feel like a have head lice.

My scalp actually is tingling all the time. Not going to use again!!!


I am sorry you are having the same issue. So many people have it I can't imagine how they stay in business !

It took a few day's of using shampoo with a very low amount of ingredients, and no fragrance before the itching stopped. Good luck!


Yes I'm constantly scratching my scalp,my scalp never itched like this until I started using wen by Dean Chaz... You're not alone...


I have been using Wen for 5 days now, I am itching my scalp so much that i look like I have lice.


I have that problem with Pureology shampoo. I think it's the menthol.


Unfortunately, my scalp is itching as well. I love Wen, it’s easy to use, my color stays in forever, don’t even mind the price, but I find myself so uncomfortable that I’m wondering where to go from here.

I can’t go back to regulars shampoos.

Never had a itchy scalp till Wen.


i had the same problem, very itchy scalp. 1sr couple times i used it it was fine, and my hair also became brittle as well


Thank you for the comments! I have been using Wen Fig for approximately one month now and have experienced extreme scalp itch after I use it.

Drives me crazy!

I actually thought I may have head lice... Thankfully no head lice, but wish I hadn't spent the money on this stuff.


I had the same thing happen


Same problem! The itch is so BAD!!!


I'm also experiencing a very itchy scalp, I didn't know what it was, but after seeing everyone's review, that has to be why its so itchy.


I was just googling dry and itchy scalp and came across your post! I also, am experiencing intense itchy and dry scalp after using Wen! I wasn't really sure what was causing it, but it makes sense now.


I have used the cucumber 3 times and have the horrible itching and burning sensation as well... I am afraid, very afraid!...

And will be returning this product tomorrow! :(


I have very blonde highlighted bleached out hair that can sometimes feel like straw.

Cust Service told me to use the Pomegrante. The first few times it made my hair soft and silky and beautiful.

Like the other posts, after a few more times of use, my scalp started itching and I noticed quite a bit of hair loss in my drain catch. I switched to milkshake brand hydrating shampoo and conditioner, then use aquage beyond shine to use with flat iron.

No itching, very little hair in the drain, and the milkshake brand smells fabulous, my hair is just as silky as when using the wen product. Only no itch, and smells fantastic


what is the milkshake shampoo and conditioner and where can you buy it


I used the Sweet Almond 3 months ago and my hair was beautiful. Now I bought the Cucumber and my scalp started itching.

I don't know if go back the sweet almond or buy another shampoo. :sigh


I just book marked your blog on Digg and StumbleUpon.I enjoy reading your commentaries.



So I ordered the Wen automatic shipments from Guthy Renker for my daughter (not cheap). As soon as my daughter started using the products she started to have a VERY, extremely itchy scalp, to the point that it was interfering with her school, since she was really embarrased to have to scratch her head constantly. We couldn't figure out what was causing this itching problem, until my wife started using the Wen products and had the same results.


I used Wen for a grand total of 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks my hair dried out, became brittle and my scalp started itching like crazy.

I've since switched back to dove and the itch doesn't seem to fade at all, it's been almost 2 months now. :(


YES! I used it for about 4 months and the entire time I had very itchy scalp.

Other than that, I loved how my hair looked and felt. I used the cleansing conditioner ONLY (I order the QVC sampler...Almond and Tea Tree were my favorites, I did not care for Lavender or Cucumber they made my scalp itch worse, Fig was nice but a little heavy for my hair).

I'm white, with medium texture, light brown/wavey hair that tends to frizz at the ends (rub a tiny bit of Fig on dry ends for extra frizz control).

Does anyone know how to prevent the itchy scalp? ...or why it causes itchy scalp?