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I have thick/coarse dark blonde hair and I get highlights / lowlights regularly. Dryness & frizz is always an issue and I was optimistic that wen would help. I used their products for about three months.

When I first started using them I was very pleased with the results, but after about two months I wasn't getting the same favorable results. I thought maybe I was having a weird case of "bad winter hair"...maybe it was due to some female hormone change...maybe what???

I am accustomed to shedding hair but I noticed I started shedding A LOT in the shower(more than usual.) Also, I was cleaning my brushes a lot and it was hard to keep them hair free (a personal pet peeve of mine.) I looked around my bathroom one day and it hit me suddenly - my hair was everywhere.

Next, brushes started getting stuck and tangled in my hair, which only happened very rarely before using wen, now it happens nearly every time I brush my hair. Just brushing my hair causes it to break :(

My hair length was below my shoulders when I began using wen's products. Last week I asked my hair stylist to cut off whatever she needed to - to get back to healthy hair. She cut off 3 to 4 inches, and my brush still gets tangled and breaks.

I don't know why it took me so long to realize wen was damaging my hair. I am back to using Aveda's Smooth Infusion line; it is a much better product for my hair type and I know this from years of my own experience.

As far as the scheduled shipments and the whole club kit program, 1) I always thought that was lame, 2) I just canceled today so I'll follow up with how that works out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $144.

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I am from Kentucky and after only 4 weeks I started using Wen I had ruined my hair. I also experienced major hair loss and breakage.

My hair dresser was horrified by the damage.

I am still trying to recover from the damage this product caused. I only paid for one month but the cost of trying to repair the damage has been over $200.


It's WEN, deal with it. I too looked for medicines, laundry detergent, stress, health, diet, was WEN!!!

My scalp was also burning at times and with 24 hrs of stopping it, no more burning. Stop protecting what you know nothing about...this is traumatizing!!!


EVERYTHING YOU SAID.....ME TOO!!!! So upset, all the hair around my face, broken...went from 12" to 2 inches with obvious breakage scruffiness ....WEN....

I trusted lost that trust. My stylist yesterday showed me that all my hair is breaking off....not fizz, breakage!!!!

First, dry hair, next in my hairbrushes this white puffy was my scalp!!!!!!!!! Next, hair falling out and now breakage everywhere....

Went from beautiful blonde long hair to needing a pixie cut. Sooooooo mad and upset.


I had, HAD healthy thick beautiful hair down to the small of my back. I started using wen and after about a month my hair started falling out way more than usual.

I thought maybe it was some sort of health thing. So I started eating more healthy, and got a check up. Then came the breakage. What hasn't fallen out is full of split ends, and just breaks off with barely a touch.

My hair now is between my shoulder blades. Yes that is about a foot of my hair that has broken off. I am so completely pissed off. If i had the money I would sue them.

Now that I have read others stories I know for sure it was their product. I have NEVER had this problem with any other product and I have tried a lot over the years. I am so embarrassed about my hair. I cant even really style it.

Hair so thin I can see my scalp on the top of my head when there is recessed lighting. I used to get compliments on my hair all the time.

No more. I wish i could have recourse.


Hair loss is attributed to many factors: stress, deficiency in diet,genetic, etc.

It's a shame that Wen has been targeted as the villain. For those who have "decided" that Wen is the enemy, rather than a hair's best friend,it is suggested that you see a specialist and determine the real cause of your hair loss.

Hair loss existed long before Wen was created. If Wen doesn't work for some, then switch to something else and kindly stop badmouthing the product.


Thank you for you intelligent response. You said what I was thinking almost verbatim! Kudos!


Did anyone's hair GROW back after they stopped using the WEN? How is your hair NOW?

What is in the product that is causing the hair loss? Does anyone know?


I wish I never used WEN... my hair looks awful, dry and started breaking sooo much.

When I started using the product my hair was not dry or damaged.My hair was pretty healthy but after using WEN for three weeks I noticed that my hair was breaking off to as short as two inches from my head.

I no longer have long healthy beautiful hair because of WEN. Don't buy the product...!!!


Sue them so they stop selling the ***


you have to remember to rinse,rinse,rinse and your hair sheds all the time you just notice it mor when you use different products

@when yuo use wen

NO WAY you are WRONG!! Yes your hair sheds everyone already knows that BUT thinning badly for no apparent reason is not a part of the natural shedding process!! And changing products should NEVER cause extra hair loss that is a cause for alarm PERIOD!


Thank gosh I found this site when looking up about WEN products.. I thought my daughter could use it she has dry scalp and she is part Asian..but after hearing/seeing all these reviews I think I will just try head and shoulders! Thank you all & I am so sorry to hear about all the bad things that happened to you when using this product.


Major hair loss and pain and itching in my scalp even after I stopped using Wen. I will be contacting the FDA.

I have already been to a dermatologist and have had a thyroid test. Nothing wrong with my thyroid. Must have been a allergic reaction. The fact that I am still losing my hair really sucks, but not as much as when I was using Wen.

I hope this doesn't continue cause I am sooo upset.

I have really long hair and I don't want to end up wearing a wig. I am freaking out.


Hey. I am extremely angry.

My hair was all one length and shiny and down to my belly button.

After using WEN for a week, my hair is breaking off to as short as two inches from my head. I no longer have long healthy beautiful hair because of WEN.


i never had a problem with hair loss- 75 yrs old- healthy . received WEN as a xmas gift and after using it for quite ahile- my hair starting breaking off and FELL OUT - to where i have bald spots AND YOU CAN SEE THE SCALP.THREW IT AWAY NOT REALIZING I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN BATCH NUMBER BUT KNOW DATE IT WAS ORDERED AND WHEN I RECEIVED IT.

The FDA needs to have WEN place large WARNING LABEL ON BOX THAT THIS PRODUCT HAS WHEAT N IT AND IF U ARE ALLERGIC TO WHEAT OR HAVE CELIAC DISEASE DO NOT USE. My grandson also has celiac - very allergic to wheat - caused headaches- stared to lose his hair -stopped but can use the other containing the Pom. Alert to all that have wheat allergy Having difficulty growing hair back and baldness does not run in my family.

Hope this alert helps some ome to save their hair. Thank you.


:? I'm not really sure about that but i have had simaliar issues maybe.

I started using Wen 3 monthes ago and it made my hair shiny. Although my hair SEEMS to be weaker and i had tons of fly-aways (i still do).

I don't know if its me or the product. :upset


This product worked OK for me at first,but after a month my hair started breaking and falling out. When I started using the product my hair was not dry or damaged.

I only started using it at the recommendation of a friend. Huge Mistake! In addition to making my hair fall out it broke my hair in several sections. I have thick curly hair and my loss is evident.

It may be great for certain hair types, but it did not work for me.

I would recommend that if you notice a lot of hair falling out in the first thirty days stop using the product right away before you lose half your hair. I only wish I had read these reviews prior to using the product I wouldn't have chanced it.


I have been using it for 3 weeks. I did notice that a little more hair than normal was falling out so I called and apparently that is normal.

It is rebuilding your hair to grow healthy and strong from the start but unfortunately that means the damaged hair may fall out. Especially if you have really long hair like I do.

I decided to stick with it and give it a few more months. If it takes a year for all the hair to grow back healthy I figure what's a year compared to the rest of my life with long healthy hair!!


I used Wen for a year and I have a lot less hair than when I started. I too have been tested for possible medical problems and all have come back normal.

I loved Wen at first. After the last few months of extreme hair loss I have canceled my order and contemplating involving the FDA. When I called to cancel my monthly order the operator told me she had never heard of this problem before.

Somehow I find that hard to believe. I hope and pray I will be able to regrow my hair back to at least half of what it once was long naturally curly and very healthy.

Please at least do your homework before using this product.


I also experienced hair loss after a few months of using Wen. I wasn't sure what was going on and looked into other causes until I just stopped using Wen which resulted in renewed hair growth and cessation of hair loss. To the person who wrote the OP, it doesn't matter if others have success with Wen, if you experience adverse affects due to use of a product stop using it and don't second guess yourself.