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I got sucked into the infomercial and bought some Wen products. The only good thing was the nice free comb. I have a daughter with corkscrew curly hair and I wanted to see if I could maximize my system (I follow the Curly Girl) method. First, why do I need some 20 pumps of product for one hair cleansing? Sure, I could easily get my fingers through her hair, but I can do that with any good product. What got me is that after her hair dried it looked dull,, heavy and well dirty. I mean, grubby dirty. I tried a few more times and I am so not impressed. My old system using Aveda products worked much better.

THEN I was super torqued to learn just by ordering I was now getting this automatically sent? That was NOT clear by any means when I signed up. Now i have a box of crappy product and I have to pay the shipping to return. We will see if I get my $ back. Customer service jacked me around about 4 times just to confirm I cancelled.

All I can say is Don't Waste Your Money. If you have curly hair, spend 10$ on the Curly Girl book and find a product you like.

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I bought the Wen by Chaz dean first thru HSN. It was pricey but I've seen so many infomercials on what a wonderful product so after a year of debating I purchased .

I liked it. Saw a good deal for 29.95 on infomercial so received I was very surprised to find another box at my door. Almost 100.00 dollars I called sent it back had to pay S&h. Received money back.

I was ok with that. But the customer service woman was horrible and could not answer any of my questions I purchased two more for $29:95. Special intro kit. Told them I don't want to be a member no problems this time.

Just received another offer for $19.95 free S&S H. This was the case with the other 3orders free S&H. My only complaint is not enough information from site or phone on which one is best for my hair type. So far the Fig is the best Lavender was horrible.

They have a new one out and want me to come back for 19.95 so I guess your best off if you tell them no membership. Have them give you the 29.95 deal. Good for presents maybe someone will like it. It's ok but my hair I'd still too dry and brittle.

Especially with the Lavender. The mask is horrible the balm is useless the comb is ok the shampoo conditioner is good Stylecream works well .

Just would like to know if it is worth trying the replenishing treatment mist or oil for your hair? It's pricey.

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