I agree the product feels awful on your scalp which becomes itchy and seems to build up a coating... hair looks oily and flat as if not cleansed for a month I Hate the product tried to cancel 3 times still get billed argumentative staff what a scam shame!


Very Expensive also does not even smell that great So disappointed All those actresses shame Guess I forgot they are actresses! After trying this product several times I managed to salvage my investment by mixing the product with a regular shampoo to actually get something for my money And as far as the styling gel it stinks like B/O

Review about: Wen Shampoo.

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Excuse me, happening to my hair** Must have seen the word and typed it instead!


You need to make sure you're using it right. I thought the same thing was happening to my comment, but when I started using it the correct way, my hair looks and feels amazing.

Maybe it's not for you, but I just wanted you to feel encouraged that it could work and it might just be the way in which you're using the product! :)


So I ordered the 30 trial supple just because I wanted to test it out. I used it and it was nothing special.

It didn't do anything fantastic at all! Pantene and Biolage do a better job and last longer. I ordered the lavender and it did not smell like lavender, it smelled like Icy hot. Also I check my bank statement online and noticed that they charged my card again for a "re-order" I called them and they said that is part of the 90 day trial.

I told him I only ordered the 30 day one and he said that when I recieve the package to send it back and they will process a refund. I asked them to cancel all future orders as well as I did not order them.

I was disappointed with the effectiveness of the product but the unauthorized charge really pissed me off! DO NOT BUY!!!

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