I find it very disturbing that some people do not read the fine print, I had no problem with the Customer Service at Wen actually the people were kind. The product works for me different strokes for different folks, you have to work at getting results just like you would do anything else.

You don't have to use wen everyday thats probably what happening to alot of the consumers if I stand correct it's all in moderation. I have gotten alot of compilments on my hair sense using this product stop degrading Chaz Dean don't hate celebrate.....

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My daughter and I have been using Wen for 6 months now. Our hair has improved so much.

We are African Americans and have naturally dry hair. We use the tea tree product. I do wash my hair every 3 days, my 13 yr old daughter once a week.

I will continue to use Wen as long as it is made. I love it.


you are actually incorrect on the moderation use. WEN is promoting the more you use, the better the results.

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