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I came across these reviews by accident while looking for information to find out how to cancel my order that keeps reappearing. My stomach felt sick when I started reading about hair loss.

I believed that the hairs loss I was experiencing was probably hormonal changes in my body but after reading some reviews it appears that this May not be the case.

I am trying to cancel my order and wonder if any one has had success doing this, I have sent email, tried to call but have only gotten recordings and have also contacted Wen via Facebook.

Anyone have the same issue?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Cancel my order.

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You need to file an online complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), they will get you a full refund back from this company who has been scamming honest customers like yourself for years

good luck


Hi there, can you please email us at so that we can learn more about your experience and assist with anything outstanding? Thank you.


Hi there, Can you please contact our Corporate Escalation Team by filling out this form: Once the form is submitted, someone from our team will contact you directly so we can learn more about your experience and assist with anything outstanding. Thank you.


Hi cm,

I'm sorry that you are experiencing trouble. To cancel your order, you can go through the automated system with no problem.

Their number is 800-964-1892.

As for the hair loss, I can tell you first hand, Wen does NOT cause hair loss! People stop using their previous products when they start using Wen.

Because that previous product is no longer gluing their hair together, they lose all that damaged hair.

Wen steps in and makes healthy hair, but it takes a few months for it to kick in. If you add the treatment oils, you will have a healthy heads full of hair!

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