It is a shame that when people have a good experience with things they don't think to post a good review so all people see that are thinking of buying a products and they do their research all they see is the negative.

When you make a purchase of any product, it's important to make an INFORMED decision. Wen is not difficult to purchase and you can manage and review everything from your tracking information to the FREQUENCY OF THE SHIPMENTS. Rarely would a company send unsolicited product nor do companies send you product without your consent or your credit card info. It's ridiculous to see the number of people who complain about products or services on here who haven't bothered to do research or make INFORMED decision. with that being said...

I ordered from QVC. This product is not like regular shampoo. It absolutely cleans your hair better.

I think this product would work for any hair type. I have med length, thick hair. I am satisfied. It's a little pricey, but because of the way it cleans, it lasts longer. WEN-ner for me!

Review about: Wen Shampoo.

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I hope no one does 100% of their research on this site. It's more entertaining than anything.

Wen is truly a good product. I order from Wen.com and have no complaints whatsoever.


I used the almond scent cleansing conditioner and it lasted over 3 months but the reorder price is too much! I'm trying Everclear for under $10 and can't tell the difference in body or shine after one wash.

Maybe the effect of the Wen product is cumulative and I'll regret the change later but for now I can't see it.

My hair is medium length and seemed to grow faster with Wen and it might be thicker too. I wish Wen products were less expensive.

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