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Wen products are great! Their customer service dept.

SUCKS. Contacted CS 4 different times & got 4 different stories.My billing issues were never resolved after many attempts to speak to a supervisor or manager. Reps were rude, condescending & down right nasty. Needless to say I contacted Consumer Affairs & they are investigating the company concerning false advertising, misrepresentation, & inappropriate billing practices.

I suggest everyone do the same.

I was a customer service supervisor for 13 yrs. & if one of my reps ever treated a customer with such blatant disrespect as I received I would fire them on the spot without hesitation.

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Customer service is RUDE! and I got 3 different reps today & received 3 different stories!!!

I returned to Wen because I got a nice offer as a returning customer (what a mistake). My initial shipment never got to me because it was sent to wrong address. That was re-sent to the proper address. Today there was a charge on my account for $82.00, for my 2nd shipment!

when I called I was told NO that's not a charge it's a hold! It is a charge & why am I being charged so much when I am suppose to get billed $19.95, per month? I was told I am on the 1 charge plan! Never did I authorize this, I asked to have it changed.

I was told they don't have access to change this I would need to cancel & re-open the account! Well I just canceled. This will be the 3rd time I am burnt by this company. Never again!

It's a real shame because I did like the product & due to their horrible Customer Service representative's I will not be purchasing future products. And I do intend on filing a complaint with the BBB.


Ive been using Wen for over 3 years and LOVE IT!. I've had a few reasons to contact them and never had any issues.

I suspect all these complaints are due to people simply thinking they are ordering something different and are pissed at company when they realize it, rather than accepting they were wrong...and say they were dopped. (not meaning to offend) but the first "trial" is ONE of each. Subsequent shippings are 3x the products- thus the 3x price. They were initially sending it to me every 3 mos.

And I still had some so I called and backed it to every 5 mos. After cutting my hair shorter now I only need a shipment every 7 mos. called each time to change and it was NO problem.

It's expensive and I don't think people read the fine print. My hair was crazy for 30 years, I think it's worth EVERY penny!


8) I was debating on purchasing this product but after my research on the internet I will not purchase this product. File a complaint with BBB and it will be handled immediately. They have always helped me in the past.


1) Read the invoice that comes inside of ur shipment.

2) If you ask for a manager or a supervisor, and u have enough reasons, you'll be transfered.

3) And nop we are not rude and disrespecful. :)


There customer service IS truly horrible. their reps are rude and disrespectful.

I ordered the first package for $29.99 and i found the products to be good and really liked them. At the second billing cycle, they tripled the price without informing me.

In addition they gave my credit card information to another company. Be aware of WEN, they might rip you off!


Hi Soogee,

Our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team would be more than happy to assist you with any billing issues. Please e-mail them at with your account information and issue, so they can look into it.

Many Thanks.