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I had long, thick, blonde wavy hair halfway down my back and all one length (no layers). My Crowning glory! Started using WEN in July 2011 because it was organic and natural and I'm ecology-minded and trying to live a greener lifestyle. My hair was beautiful and thick and actually became thicker as I aged, instead of thinning as so many women experience. I used the WEN Fig Cleansing Conditioner in July and the first time I applied it, I was aware of an intense burning on my scalp and left it on my head for a shorter time than the instructional video advised. I saw where Menthol was an ingredient and because I saw no warning or caution on label re: burning sensation , I continued to use the product. I used the WEN from July 2011 to mid September 2011. During this time, the hair loss after combing out from shampooing was more than I've ever had. I have always been very grateful that I never lost even the minimal amount of hair that is to naturally be expected from brushing and shampooing.

Then in late September, while shampooing with WEN, I noticed the water in my shower had risen to my ankles. I thought the drain must be closed. I was horrified when I reached down and pulled a handfull of hair that was clogging the drain. I had to pull the hair from the drain twice during this shower. I have been losing hair, non-stop ever since. It sounds gross but I have a quart size baggie full of solid clumps of my hair that I've pulled from the shower drain, and this does not include what I collect from my brush, clothing, bedding, dryer vent, EVERYWHERE!!! Today I found a 1 inch bald spot on the upper left crown of my head and there doesn't appear to be any new hair growing in. My scalp has a scaly layer of skin, similar to dandruff but I've never in my life had any such problem. I am traumatized and in utter despair.

I have filed a report with the FDA and spoken with WEN Reps who tell me they are so sorry to hear of my problem but they have no medical experts on staff to advise me how to rectify. I was laid-off from my job with the SD School District in June and my medical insurance expired the end of September. But I did have an annual complete physical and blood work-up in mid September and there is no medical cause for the hair loss. I'm a healthy, vegetarian of 17 years who uses protein supplements and vitamains, exercise regularly and have no allergies. My physiological age is 20 years younger than actual age. No smoking, drinking, drugs. It is such a sudden change that it can easily be traced back to what I was doing differently between July and September AND THAT IS USING WEN FIG CLEANSING CONDITIONER! It is the WEN! Please be alarmed and aware, Everybody, that there is without a doubt, MASSIVE AND ONGOING hair loss caused by WEN. I DON'TKNOW WHAT TO DO AND Am an EMOTIONAL WRECK. I am so concerned that many other women will be sucked in by the Celebrity Informercials of beautiful, shining hair and find themselves bald within 6 months. Get the word out! Contact the FDA at 800-332-1088 or file a complaint on the FDA website. Please let me hear of your own experiences. There is power in numbers. All my friends tell me to get a good attorney but all I'm concerned with is finding out how to stop the hair loss and hopefully re-grow what I've lost. At this rate, I will be bald in another month.


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Same here.I used to have beautiful think hair.

I used the Sweet Almond Mint. It felt great the first 3 months but then I noticed more hair than usual on my brush and also while washing my hair. I clean my brush daily and never had this much fall out before. Here it is 2 years later and I'm still trying to get my hair back to how it was.

I threw out the mouse and gel. I'm so frustrated like so many other women! I have 3/4ths of a gallon left and strictly use it for shaving now and I've gone back to using Pantene ProV. I think I'm going to start doing the ACV rinse 2x a month to help cleanse my scalp and get rid of any buildup.

Yes, WEN does have buildup even when using properly according to directions.

Good luck ladies.I hope we can all recover from this.


I have also used to wen and my hair went from thick and long to thin and falling out.. I've never felt so bad about myself in my life.


I have been using Living Proof and it has the same chemical in it that Wen has, I have lost over half my hair and I have a bald spot with no new growth coming in. I am in shock, I stopped 4 washes ago and u still have some hair coming out but no were near as bad. I am sure it will not be long before they have law suits against them.


Hi my name is Crystal, like you I have experienced the same issues.It started by my washing hair and hand full of clumps of hair in my hands, I had to empty the drain 3-4 times.

It was in my towels ,on my cloths, on my pillow, ect. My hair fell out in my combs, my brushes. I was afraid to comb my hair. I went to every kind of Doctor there was, I even went to my endocrinologist to see if my thyroid was still working, all my blood work came out fine.

My medication, stress, my weight had nothing to do with it. There could only be on reason WEN. As soon as I stopped using it my hair stopped falling out. I call the FDA, I call wen.

I am very upset about this. I lost a lot of hair. I have regrowth but I have read on face book that there are plenty of women that have regrowth but their hair will not grow back in. I am scared about this.

I just hope something can be done.Crystal from Buffalo N.Y.


My whole family of girls, all having problems.My poor mom the worst.

She has been the longest Wen user. Doctors were not sure maybe this, maybe that ....all speculation. She has been a Wen user forever.

My 8 yr old thin hair

I have used it on her since she was three who would have known.




I used it well I am actually still using it..I thought the loss of hair was from something else..guess I'll stop..It did start to take the color out of my hair as well but I thought it was so something else as well so I just dyed it..Dang-


Thank you, thank you , thank you!I was just about to order the Wen special that was advertised on TV but thought I would look it up on the internet first.

Thank goodness I did! Can't something be done about this false advertising?

Most important is what can be done to repair the damage to the hair?


Myself,daughter and granddaughter have suffered hair loss after using Wen products


I used the Wen product and notice the hair loss the first time so I cancel the reorder.Since i still had several bottles I thought I would give it another try and the same thing happen.

After about a year I still have a bottle and 3/4 bottle and some trial size in my order.I don't know what to do with the product due this situation.

to Anonymous #1082576

Use it as a lotion to shave your legs - the hair loss and weakening would be good for that.

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