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i bought the WEN products in June and by August my hair was one-third of its volume. My head feels like I have a cap on it and I previously had my hair colored because of grey regrowth.

ITS NOT GROWING. I have NO hair growth. My hair is so thin that I can barely style it. i am calling the FDA at 18887233366.

OMG this has ruined my life. I gave some WEN to a friend and she only used it a couple of times and her hair was falling out also. Her combs were full ..

She was smarter than I and she quick using the WEN product. I would suggest that NO ONE buy this product and I am wondering why the FDA is not on top of this?

Reason of review: my hair fell out after using .

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Wen Cons: Hair loss after using wen.

  • Wen Hair Loss
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My little girl lost *all* her hair a year ago from this product. We are still struggling.

We believe she has an allergy caused by an over-used chemical in Wen. But this was the old formula. I thought it had to do with the old formula only. So, wondering what was in the product you used that caused hair loss.

Maybe they are over-using a different chemical now, or maybe you got old product, or maybe they never changed the actual product, or maybe it had/has another major flaw. I'm angry.

It seems the product has affected my little girl for life. Can't understand how it's still sold.


I used this product 3 years ago. It was amazing!

My hair was shiny, full and soft. I never had any problems with it. I have reordered again because I just can't find a decent hair product. I've tried so many and wasted more money than I care to admit.

My hair is thin now, I hope my hair doesn't fall out!!!