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I am an 18 year old girl with long, wavy, brown hair (can be seen in the picture). My hair tends to get a little frizzy but nothing to hard to manage, however when I saw the TV advertisement for WEN hair-care I was extremely excited to try it.

After the first wash my hair was feeling soft and clean and I was very satisfied with the product. I wash my hair everyday therefor I was using this product every day, After about a week all of a sudden I noticed my hair coming out in CHUNKS as I was rinsing. I was obviously extremely worried about the non-stop hair falling from my head and going down the drain. I rinsed my hair as fast as I could and I got out of the shower to let it dry and my hair was noticeably thinner. It has been 2 days sense my last use of the product and my hair is still falling out whenever I run my fingers through my hair.

I've seen MANY complains about WEN making hair fall out, I just wish i read them before I started using the product.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Wow I just came here to seek help and you guys are rude as heck.....just because you see someone being rude or someone is rude to you doesn't mean you have to respond, you have to pick and choose your battles.fighting over the Internet is just immature. Just be glad you aren't my kid cause I would have whooped your but for talking like that. RESPECT learn it or get off the internet.


Just ignore them, they are are trash, and this site is supposed to be an outlet for people to voice their grievances against products and companies, but now it's just trollbait.


http://cdfirm.com/contact/wen-lawsuit-questionnaire/ here u go ladies these guys are looking for anyone who suffered from Wen. Take the questionair let's destroy wen!


I use wen, fig ive use most of them, But the fall pumpkin makes my hair fall out.


Please contact our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team here: http://www.wen.com/lp/cet so that we can learn more about your experience and assist directly. Thank you.


Shouldn't wash everyday you ***.


Whoever it is saying you shouldn't was your hair everyday is a joke. Are you trying to say her hair was falling out because she washed it daily?

That is nonsense, she's probably been doing this for years, that's not why her hair was falling out in clumps.

It didn't before is obviously it must have been the product. I'm a hairdresser and I know you can wash your hair everyday without it falling out or half or more of the Woman in this Country would be bald.


HA! I just saw your comment Sammy65 (and I am a Sammie too!!!) and I agree completely. I too do hair and agree 100% with you!


Angel-Washing your hair everyday is not going to make it fall out. I am a hairstylist with 20yrs experience, and I can promise you, you CAN wash it everyday IF YOU NEED to! If you can go 2 or 3 days, or even once a week without washing it- whatever works for your hair, then do it.


Hello, we would like to learn more about your experience and offer assistance. If you could please contact our Corporate Escalation Team here: bit.ly/1bqcytf someone will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you.


How do I stop my itchy scalp after wen?