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Starting using wen in 2009, soon after that my hair started falling out. I really didn't associate it with the Wen since I had just moved to Florida from NJ and thought maybe it was just the different climate.

Then went on Wen's website and saw all the complaints. Then I realized that my hair loss started the exact time I started using the Wen, right after I moved to Florida. I can't believe they still sell this stuff and not put a warning label on the bottle. Or, state it in the infomercial.

Wen SUCKS! Don't use it!

Monetary Loss: $100.

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I'm sure if she is saying her hair is FALLING OUT, she is not talking about shedding!

San Jose, California, United States #801688

Wen sucks

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #796881

When was the last time you had a complete medical check-up? Hair loss or sudden growth should be checked out by your medical provider.

With that said, this sounds like a classic allergy to one of the components in the cleanser/conditioners or oils. These products use ingredients that we consumers are not regularly exposed to and they *can* be the source of the problem.

Many Blessings!


Shedding is a natural process. Wen makes hair healthy!


Hair HAS TO fall out. It's a daily process.

Makes me wonder when it was the last time you ran a brush through your hair before using WEN... :roll

to AllForWen #814288

This product is ***! It is very possible this woman's hair fell out because of the product. You must be one of their dishonest employees!

to Bforte01 Union, New Jersey, United States #833404

Wow i was going to order the WEN KIDS for my daughter whom is African american and Indian so she has really beautiful long curls! And after reading all the breaking, shedding, scalp problems, and their *** customer service I think i would stick to the pantene:^{

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