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Wen conditioner smells good and makes my hair look shiny, but it also made loads of hair fall out. The 2 times I did use it I became horrified by the clumps of hair that came out in the shower.

My second cleansing with Wen I counted the number of hairs that came off on my hands. 53 and that's not even counting the ones that washed down the drain. It scared me to death beacause I have thin hair to start and don't want to go bald. I was about to make a doctor's appointment when I thought maybe it's the Wen.

And long behold I find hundreds of angry customers. I'm pissed and back to my Paul Mitchell I go!

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i have been using when for about 1 year. i have very fine, very oily hair, and i love this product. in the past i have always used shampoo, conditioner, and a detangler (which still left my hair quite tangled). i now use wen only, with no other produces.

i have never ordered from wen directly, so i cannot speak to their customer service or ordering practices. i order mine from amazon directly.

i have never noticed hairloss, and the product only leaves my hair oily if i do not use enough or don't leave it on long enough. i generally put it on then do all of my other grooming in the shower, then rinse. i love it and will continue to use it exclusively.

sorry to hear about all of the customer service issues, that's terrible to have to go through. order from amazon!


Thanks for this review. I was watching the infommerical this morning and actually thought of ordering Wen.

I'm glad I read this before I ordered.

I also have thin hair. And I do not need anymore coming out either. So no Wen for me.

Or my daughter.

I'll stick to my P Mitchell, thank you very much.

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