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I ordered WEN early Nov. 2014 .

Called and canceled WITHIN 24 hours. was told the product was already sent out but as soon as I return it they would return my money , when I got the junk 8 days later I did in fact return it. I waited for my returned money but instead I got a notice from my back that I was in over draft so I went down to find out why , I found out WEN took another payment from my account instead of returning my money , I went home and called them this time they said I HAD to finish paying ALL 3 payments before they could return ALL my money , I laughed and hung up went back to my bank and was told to file a fraud charge through my bank so I did and had that one payment back in my account with in 48 hours and the over draft dropped . and a BLOCK on my account so WEN could take no more money .

Again I waited for my return Balance owed to me from WEN , instead I received a bill for 79.00 , I called them this morning and was told they have NO RECORD of me , the returned box but yet they have something on me to send me BILLS for 79.90 ?!?! I told them after I get done posting this complaint I was reporting them to the BBB and NEVER to send me another BILL ...

I think I will be sending them a Bill instead . I am glad they record phone calls on their end cause they will hear how mad I was not being able to talk to someone who could speak English well enough to understand them and how mad I was when I called the second time and was told I could NOT speak to a supervisor .

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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