If like me, you are always trying to add volume to your hair, and if it's generally healthy: do not buy Wen! I had only used it twice, then I used my regular shampoo.

Even a day or two after using the Wen, my hair would not curl using hot rollers. Usually, my hair curls very easily. I had zero volume. It was shiny and healthy-looking, but completely lacked volume.

In my opinion, Wen is for you if you have damaged hair, or the type of hair that frizzes and needs to be controlled. In the brochure they show a "before and after" of someone with fine hair.

While the "after" shot looks a little fuller, it is obvious they cut the hair and added layers. To me, this is false advertising.

Review about: Wen Shampoo.

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I have thin, flat hair that has always gotten greasy fast, so I have pretty much never used conditioner. However, after some pretty serious bleach/dye jobs and almost daily flat-ironing, my ends have become fairly fried. I started loving soaking my ends the SHielo Hydrate Conditioner. When I saw the amazing reviews on the Shielo Hydrate Conditioner, I thought I would give it a shot--wondering if it would be perhaps TOO good (read: heavy, greasy) for my fine hair.

I was happily surprised after my very first use-- the conditioner was so thick and creamy and my hair was sooooo soft and shiny and smelled delicious! I absolutely can't stop running my fingers though my hair after using Shielo Hydrate Conditioner, it's like silk. Split ends even seem mended! I have literally never noticed as significant a difference on my hair after using any other product. Does NOT weigh my hair down one bit or feel greasy at all, even when I sometimes use it sparingly on my whole head and not just the ends.

SECRET TIP: I even use it on my legs for and amazingly close and moisturizing shave (just be careful because it does turn the shower floor into a slip and slide!)

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #384876

Read reviews. Glad I did not order wen products.


COME ON Ladies, we all know that our hair is an indicator for our health, and when our cycle is on or off it changes our hair, we are all so different in everything way, so why on earth would anyone think one single product could figure for everyone. EVERYTHING in this life is about finding out what is right for you, the individual you are, and if it works as it has for everyone I know, except one person who excepted she was just different then great if not then try something else


the SAM issued in the first kit is designed for all hair types however we do have specific cleansing conditioners for specific hair types. the cucumber aloe is for finer,flatter hair.

i have baby fine flat thin hair,i use the cual,its amazing. we do have a 60 day mbgt,even if youve used all of the prod just make sure eveything besides the texture balm&the saw tooth comb is sent back along w the invoice.call in&request a sample of the cual ;)

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