I wanted to see what the rich and famous felt.. I am a hair dresser and try everything..

So I got it and I hate it! I am thinking about using it on my dog b/c it's so oily even when done right and rinsed out good. Also it did fade my color too... So in all I wish I had the $ back I spent and I was smart enough to buy it from ebay NEW so they didn't have my card # to auto ship and steal my money!

Save yours and get salon stuff! Please do!

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The WEN product is not worse the money. Probably, it works better than 99 cents products.

But I used the most expensive products available on the market and go to the high-end salon with $300 and up haircut cost. I tried WEN cleansing conditioner and it is horrible compared to the products I used. Your hair feels oily and unmanageable after using it. Please note: with WEN product you have to wash your hair daily or even twice a day because they get dirty so quickly.

Instead of shampoo (Laurel Sulfate) they use Alcohol to wash your hair (read the fine print on the bottle) and after that no surprise you're going to loose your hair. I've noticed my hair get very oily and dry at the same time. I had a feeling of dirty hair right after washing it. It is impossible to fix them even with blow dryer or with curling iron (no curls).

My hair are normal, healthy and straight, dirty-blond. Usually it's easy to manage them. Not after using WEN though. Also I've noticed the color is not pop-up after washing as it should be (I have blond highlights) but darker then usual and dull.


This is my second language.

Thank you for reading this.


I love this product !! My 2 daughters, grandchild, niece in law, friends daughter all have had success with this product.

You just have to know how to use it properly. Especially on black hair !!


I purchased the WEN hair products and have fell in love with it. My thick, unruly hair feels like silk and I don't have to use my $18 bottle of Paul Mitchell Super Skinny treatment.

Just that one WEN bottle and my hot iron spray and my hair looks and feels better. I can run my fingers through my hair without constantly brushing all day long.

Sorry for those with bad experience. I'm happy with the products!


So glad I found this page:) I was pretty sure it was an auto ship so I would not have signed up for that! If the product is that good then they should not NEED AUTO SHIP! That just confirms it is not worth the money and I will stick with my Pantene :grin

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