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I am a Black female with natural hair.I love WEN.

It is great and doesn't make my hair feel oily or weighed down. My hair is coily texture and very soft. I sometime straight with blowdryer and agian WEN did a great job. I really love the intense moisture treatment as well.

I did however order if from Amazon so I wasn't opt-in to the so called club.

If you want to try it please order from there and not WEN directly.I don't know how the club works but that seems to be were all the complaints are coming from.


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I agree!!Are you using Sweet Almond Mint?

That is what I first used and then switched to Sweet Gardenia with Green Tea extract and I know it dryed my hair and scalp started having hairloss.

Going back to original Sweet Almond Mint.Just curious the type your using :)

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