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I am a Black female with natural hair. I love WEN.

It is great and doesn't make my hair feel oily or weighed down. My hair is coily texture and very soft. I sometime straight with blowdryer and agian WEN did a great job. I really love the intense moisture treatment as well.

I did however order if from Amazon so I wasn't opt-in to the so called club.

If you want to try it please order from there and not WEN directly. I don't know how the club works but that seems to be were all the complaints are coming from.

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I agree!! Are you using Sweet Almond Mint?

That is what I first used and then switched to Sweet Gardenia with Green Tea extract and I know it dryed my hair and scalp started having hairloss.

Going back to original Sweet Almond Mint. Just curious the type your using :)

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