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Quite simple really. I ordered for my wife and they sent 1 order.

After that they charged my 6 times in 1 month and sent nothing and will not return my money. The last person I talked to told me I was a sucker from buying from them and I should have read the internet reviews about Gunthy Reneker before I bought, then they hung up.

I thought Chaz Dean was a good soul but I guess it's not true as he is a part of the scam.

Buyer should be aware! Run away from anything with Gunthy on it.

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

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I just read the comment by ANGRY.. just because somethings on Backorder doesnt mean they will stop showing it.

What if Mcdonalds ran out of buns in 1 store should they stop showing Commericals? Really some ppl are not smart!


Depending on how its ordered say online it CLEARLY says you will get more and be charged. If a rep sends it to you they are suppose to tell you.

If they dont on the invoice it says it.

I keep reading these comments and it annoys me because people do screw themselves by NOT doing something we learned in 1rst GRADE!!!! :eek


I ordered my product 1/20/10 they say it is backordered with no idea when it will come in. When I first called, they said, oh, it has shipped....2 weeks later still no product.

why still run commercials when you have no product? They said they had a lot of it for the holidays!

This is March! Not December

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