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My daughter ordered wen a year ago, her hair is natural and the first few months her hair was shiny and full. I immediately started using it after seeing her results.

I am also black with natural hair. About four months of using Wen my hair was coming out in clumps. Now I have a patch of hair missing from the back of my head. I asked my daughter if she had some of the same symptons of combing out clumps of hair or balding.

She said she cancelled Wen products because she also had a bald spot in the middle. Now they are sending promotions asking her to com back and pay only $14.99 instead of the $26. It's not worth it!

All the celebrities promoting this product should know that we trusted your words and you betrayed us. Now we have to go to the dermatologist to undo sometthing that was caused by somebody else.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $104.

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I've been using Wen products on and off for several years. I have a large bald spot on the L side.

I did not associate it will such a gentle shampoo. Now I'm alarmed


OMG!!! I really wished I read comments as well.

I have had scabbing and chunks of skins come out from my head. Dandruff, which I NEVER had before in my entire life, it's so emabarassing. Now I just noticed a bald spot and I can't stop crying.

I feel betrayed. I thought I have found something that worked, and for the first time in my life I was happy but now I'm just so *** sad and angry.


I also have a large bald spot in the front of my head. Has anyone had regrowth after stopping the Wen product?


OMG wish i read this review before ordering Wen. I too have a bald spot right on the left of my crown which literally brought tears to my husband's eyes.

He experienced hair loss in his early 20's and loved my hair as did his whole family. We are all Indo-Canadian and have somewhat frizzy and wavy dark hair. I am a stay at home mom so I did not even overdo the heat styling, actually I never did, all I did was put the leave in conditioner and put my hair in a bun, however, I did leave it in for a few days rather than one but now I have this obvious bald spot and probably won't be able to regrow this hair. Coincidentally, I cancelled my wen orders after three auto ships since it went from 40.00 to 120.00!!!

:eek I have used Pantene since high school and should have stayed with the things I know work. Don't get sucked in to anything, if you tried and true products are working for you, just stick with it.


I'm so glad I looked up reviews for Wen before I ordered the product. Thank you for letting everyone know about your experiences.

I'm so sorry that you had such horrible problems with it. I know what it's like to lose hair. It can be a very scary experience. I am of mixed race but my hair is pretty nappy.

I wondered about the women on the commercials. The women of color do seem to have curly hair textures, not nappy. Obviously products will not work the same on hair of that type. It really burns me that so many products are advertised in such a misleading way.

They know if it will work or not but they're only interested in making as much money as possible. I never pay attention to "money back guarantee" claims. They usually give you such a run around that you eventually give up or there's some catch to it.

I'm just glad I didn't waste my money on a product that sounds like it will probably make me lose hair by the handfuls. I've been there, done that.


It is possible that the relaxer mixed with the Wen product caused the adverse reaction. Does anyone with pressed or non chemically straightened hair have any experience with the Wen products?

@Dr. T

I just recently started using when about two to three weeks ago and now I am noticing bald spots in the front of my hair that were not there before starting this product. I feel like crying because I am scared my hair will not grow back.

I have never dyed my hair and do not wash it more than twice or three times a week. This is absolutely horrible. I thought I was ordering a wonderful product at first but now, I see that there are many many others complaining about losing hair and bald spots after using Wen.

Please do e-mail me anyone who would like to talk about this experience. thanks


Wen complaints are legit. It does cause extreme hair loss in some people, unfortunately it seems a rather large # of its users have similar complaints.

Stop using it (except as a conditioner for the ends of your hair). Use a good clarifying shampoo and gently massage your scalp clean, using your fingertips only (not nails). Find a shampoo and conditioner that contains no sulfates, and doesn't leave a residue, and use them. Finally, take 5,000 mcg of Biotin daily for increased hair growth.

My M.D. recommended Biotin at the above recommended dosage for results. Hope this helps. BTW, I went to my doctor and had complete blood studies including a thyroid panel.

All were well within normal limits.

I was healthy. :)


I let a rep who answers the phone for Wen know that I wanted a refund because the product caused me to lose my hair and her response was that we hear that a lot. So why dont Wen say product may cause breakage if you don't use the products simutaneously or whatever.

say something as a warning. I am still getting the run around about my refund.


The black women that I have seen in the Wen commercials appear to be of mixed race, so they don't have the typical hair of a black person. I used the product one time and my hair frizzed up so bad that no matter what I did, my hair is still frizzy and my hair fell out some.

Just because models and actors are featured don't mean that they use the product. They are being paid to say things about it.(We all know this) Unless you are standing in the shower with them, how would we know. To those who said "no one put a gun to your head...." Let's be grown up about this. No, we know that no one placed a gun up to us, but just like with any other product, we expect that product to do what it says and when we don't get the results, we have the right to voice a complaint about it.

We are all consumers.

We all have opinions but just because some of us don't agree with the product or how it works doesn't mean I can't have my say about it. Not all products work for everyone for whatever reason, but don't talk about someone simply because it didn't work out for us.


No one ever puts a gun to anyone's head but it's good to know if a product will cause you to need a doctor. The infomercial does have African American/black female showcased in it.

So,really don't know why anyone would think its not for all races. :?


nobody put a gun to your head and made you buy wen.


Yeah, not for black hair! What is?! :(


Wen is not for African Americans or those whose hair is typed as kinky/nappy. I got the bald spots, hair coming out in clumps, severe breakage! But it's clean!