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Like the first review, I bought some Wen product off the website, said hey, its shampoo, lets give it a try. First off its just a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, no miracle hair results. and ironically they send you a lot of extra conditioners to help your hair out. My hair was no different than my usual shampoo and conditioner routine and it takes at TON of Wen to get the same results, 8-16 pumps, (I have long hair) are you kidding me? That said, I was like whatever, I'm the dumb dumb who bought the product.

That was all fine until a month later I see a charge on my credit card for another shipment. WTF! I didn't order any or agree to ongoing billing, there is some secret clause when you order that sets you up for automatic shipments and billing from then on. So I called Wen in June, they said that all I had to do was return the product when it arrived and they even gave me a shipping label. When a monster box arrived I promptly took it to the shipper and sent it back. Well 6 weeks have gone by and the charges are still on my card, and another charge appeared last week, now July. I called the company, (no phone number on the website FYI, very sneaky, had to ask the online chat for it - its 1-800-685-3216 btw) and talked to a billing representative who politely but sadly kept apologizing for the company's policy. Worst professionalism and customer service in a company I have seen in a long time. He stated over and over that the company takes 4-6 weeks to check the returned product back into the warehouse and credit the customer's money back, and that they would continue to bill me for the product (that I don't use and have returned) in the meantime. It wasn't until I got hot and bothered, told them I would be leaving negative reviews of the company online and dropped an f-bomb that he relented "talked to his supervisor" and agreed to expedite my refund. I want that half hour of my life back! And time will tell if they actually refund the money .

Never going to buy WEN again online or otherwise, not a professional company. A real scam for gals trying to take care of their hair! Also my hairdresser says the stuff doesn't do any better than regular shampoo ( I always use sulfate free anyways)

Done with rant.

Review about: Wen Conditioner.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Rio Grande, New Jersey, United States #841951

I only buy wen from QVC ..THEY HAVE GREAT AND FAST RETURN POLICY YOU CAN TRY IT AND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT ( even if the bottles empty ) you can return for a full refund as long as you do it within 30 days..WEN has honestly done wonders for my hair ,at first I thought wow this a lot of product they want u to use so I cut it in half and my hair is like silk now ( I been using wen 7 months now) also with qvc your not locked I to any commitment you buy more when you want more ...always check QVC FIRST PLUS THEY HAVE GREAT DEALS ON WEN

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