Tampa, Florida
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I ordered Wen products and used but no results. Called to cancel and when I talked to the salesperson for Wen, he said they could send the correct product for my hair for more money $$$$$.

Really! Wen is just a big rip off. They have probly screw alot of customers like me, just to try to get more money.

Take the advice of someone who has used Wen. It's a BIG RIP-OFF.

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I also ordered Wen and was unhappy with the product and called for cancellation of more products. I did this within the 30 days you have to try it or get your money back, and they still tried to bill me for more products for future orders.

Then after I mailed the package back to them they said it would take 4-6 weeks for a refund. I call this a RIP OFF!!!