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This company needs to fire Kathy, their so called customer service rep! This woman was as dump as a stump and as rude as can be! I don't know if she's like that because they have so many dissatisfied customers or she just doesn't know how to do her job!

I was given a one month trial of WEN as a birthday gift and the gifter cancelled the service thereafter. That way if I liked it, I could continue to order it on my own. WEN however, decided not to cancel it and continued to send shipments to me with the bill. When I called to resolve the confusion, Kathy (their so called cust. serv. rep.) decided to make matters worse with her lack of knowledge of the system and how her company works. She refused to acknowlege the canceled order and would not allow me to cancel it for the gifter but continued to try to get the payment from me for the gifter! How asinine is that.

To make matters worse they never sent a billing statement to the gifter to let her know any shipments had gone out or any payment was due. It sounds like the old Columbia Records scam where they just send this *** out and try to get people to pay for something they never ordered!! I think this practice had been illegalized a while back and WEN never got the memo!

If you love greasy hair and rude obnoxious customer service than this company is for you, otherwise I'd steer clear of this company!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Conditioner.

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I think I just dealt with the same ***! Ugh! Gave her a piece of my mind!