Woodbury, New Jersey

First time user. Received my shipment today.

On the welcome letter included with the product, it clearly states my next shipment will be in September. I too did not sign up for auto ship since I have never used the product before, why would I sign up for auto delivery? Haven't even tried the product yet and not very happy with the sales tactics. Is there anything that one can do to stop this obvious deception legally?

Whether I like the product or not, it is MY decision as to whether I want to continue with the product, not the supplier.

I know I will me notifying my credit card company in the morning and telling them to block all future attempts at auto pay from Wen. Very glad I found this site.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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I have found that WEn does everything they can to ship without being able to alter or cancel the shipment buyer please beware


I agree with the post which said that the infomercial clearly says you are signing on for autopay and autoship when you order through their special offer. I tried it and love it.

For some reason, my next shipment hasn't arrived yet. I have not been billed either. I am about out of product, so I hope it comes soon! My hair hasn't looked this healthy in years.

I also used it on my daughter's thick unruly hair that's full of tangles...loved it.

Combed without tears. Yay!


Auto Shipment from Wen


I guess that you were not paying close attention to the infomercial when you bought Wen, because if you had, you would have realized that you were joining an auto shipment agreement.

This is similiar to how the DVD clubs work or the CD's that you could get years back. You got 6 or 8 CD's for a penny plus shipping, then you have to buy several more in a few years. This is similiar

You get a shipment they say is valued at $90 dollars, for $29.95 and every 60 days they will send another shipment.

No, I do not work for Wen or Gunthy Renker, but I realized from the first infomercial that it was an auto delivery & chose to order elsewhere.

I am sorry but I do not see where there was anything deceptive that happened to you.

Your anger is misdirected


I found this web site ten minutes too late. I already ordered this *** and when I tried to cancel it, they told me it couldn't be cancelled until it was shipped.

They went on to say that I would not be able to cancel an order that has already been shipped. I would have to wait until I receive it and then refuse it.


I purchased Wen hair products for my daughter and she let it sit unopened for about 3 weeks before she tried it. The day after she opened it, i happened to notice that my credit card a second order so i called and complained and told them to not ship it.

It arrived in the mail today and the charges are still on my credit card.

I am not happy about this deceptive practice and will not use Wen again if this is the way they do business! :(


Had every intent on buying this glad I found this site will not be buying it now


glad i found this site, won't be ordering WEN