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Ok, i started using wen a few months ago, initially it made my hair much more shiny and strong....I am a "shedder" as I have long and thick, and i mean thick!, hair. I noticed in the shower when i would brush the product through that a lot of hair was coming out, but it wasnt ripping it out.

I assumed it was just dead hair and was natural. then each day in the shower i noticed that the amount of hair was growing. I am in the military and wear my hair up each day, so i thought maybe that was the case. Also, they say it is great for color treated hair, but as soon as i started using it i noticed that my hair would no longer hold the Blue-Black color, which even my stylist has trouble removing, as washing out with ease.

I have now been deployed for one month, and i have notice a dramatic change in the amount of hair loss, there is virtual none compared to with wen. I still shed and when my hair is dry, i still find myself pullin out larger amounts of hair. My hair is now coarse, which it never was before, and still the color washes out. I have also found that my scalp is very itchy and sensitive, which it has never been before.

WEN is not as amazing a product as I was led to believe. I pray that my hair will stop falling out, and its health will be restored as i go back to traditional shampoo's.

I am fortunate that i do not have large bald spots, unlike some of the others i have read.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Wen striped out all my hair color. and turned my hair bluish gray!

This product isn't for colored treated hair.

They won't refund my money or pay for getting my hair redone. Don't use this product


You have to be careful that your scalp gets exfoliated properly no matter what product you use. After watching the commercial this morning, I was curious what the consumer thought of this product, since I was professionally wondering how the scalp was getting cleaned with just using a conditioner.

It is possible that your hair feels coarser with this product, as it is coating the hair shaft over and over again making a barrier between your color and the inner parts of the hair. That is not all bad, as it will not be damaged easily, but it will or CAN make it resistant to color.

Nioxin makes a really great scalp treatment system that may be able to help the shedding if you feel it is excessive. I would let it cycle through if you are not experiencing actual balding. It is more common that the hair loss is in response to hormones, or stress than products (not impossible.

I hope this helps ease your mind a little. Thank you for your service.


I started using Wen a couple of months ago. Two years ago I went natural (I am Black-American), and had been keeping my hair in braids as I was trying to find the right products for my naturally curly hair.

I tried WEN and I absolutely love it, BUT...I did experience hair loss. I thought that maybe when I colored my hair, I left it on too long and that was making my hair fall out. It has stopped, BUT I also started using Ovation Cell Therapy. My hair, at least for now, stopped falling out and doesn't hardly shed.

I want to continue with the WEN because I like the way my hair comes out, BUT I am very cautious.

I will continue using it with the Ovation Cell Therapy, and keep a sharp eye out for changes. I am curious to see if the FDA will get involved and what the outcome will be...