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I started using wen a few months ago and was happy at first.Now my hairs is falling out in clumps and it is so thin on top.

I used to have thick hair and now I can see my scalp. I started counting the number of hairs coming out with each treatment. I was averaging 100. Today I whiched to a new product and it was 50.

I will keep track and keep posting my hair loss. I am also disappointed you cannot find any complaints like this on QVC. Are they hiding these reviews?

Is anyone having success with regrowth?What products are helping?

Monetary Loss: $200.


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My daughter lost 98% of her hair in 2 weeks of using Wen.Would never have guessed a shampoo could do this to anyone!

It is some chemical in it.It didn't have to be in her hair a minute before her hair just slid right off her head.


We need to get a lawyer and sue wen for hair loss from their product


My dad just ordered when, I am excited to use it..but now I am scared to use it now?

I've read a lot of storys and I told my dad about and he is a sucker for any thing so we just got the 30 day supply.Well I hope it works :roll


I had extremely healthy hair before using Wen, my mother-in-law was using it and gave me a few bottles to try.I've always had a normal amount of hair falling out in the shower but once I started using when it was coming out in clumps, as well.

My hair is fine so that amount of hair loss freaks me out, I stopped using it immediately. However, for the first time ever (in my 32yrs of life) I had some sort of scab on the top of my head, I was appalled and considered contacting the company but wasn't sure if that would do any good.

I am back to using my Organix shampoo and Brilliant Brunette my hair is back to its normal silky, shiny and I get compliments all the time!!Obviously this reaction does not happen to everyone but there should be some type of warning.


PS: I forgot to mention in my earlier post that Wen also caused dry, scaly patches on my scalp that are still there to a lesser extent.This has never been a problem in my life.

I have very tolerant skin, and not sensitive at all. Go figure! :( You would think Guthy Renker would care with the amount of sales they receive from that product.



I too initially liked Wen's cleansing conditioner.I don't know when it happened, but I began to notice huge amounts of hair coming out as I rinsed out the product.

I have never experienced this with any hair product before using Wen, & I have tried many. Before this, my stylist always marveled over how healthy my hair was, but I don't use heat on it at all. Hence, I concluded that Wen must be responsible. I had begun to notice how heavy and greasy my hair was with Wen.

I concluded it had caused a residue on my scalp which leads to hair loss. I immediately stopped Wen, and the hair loss came down to the normal amount. My hair is again thick and soft. BTW, I did have medical tests and my MD said to take 5,000 mcg of Biotin.

It is a miracle for fast hair growth, but he said you need at 5,000 mcg for results.Hope this helps!


Had horrible hair loss.Stopped using a month ago and it stopped.

Beware!!I loved it for a long time and only had the hair loss after about 6 months of faithful use.


I have used Wen for 8 mos, and it has worked fine for me, but my 10 year-old daughter started using it, and was losing clumps in the drain.I thought she was coming down with Alopecia or was pulling her own hair (trichotillomania), but I am now quite sure it is the shampoo.

I feel so terrible that she had to go through this!She is going to have to get a "bob" haircut, and her hair was below her shoulders.


The Hebrew word for WEN means ...

2990 yabbel yab-bale' from 2986; having running sores:--wen.



This happened to me too! But, I've concluded that its nothing that's in the shampoo ..its how much the bottle instructs you to scrub your scalp and hair. That would pull your hair out.

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