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Love the product. With my hair, it does what it says it does.

However, DO NOT purchase one of their "special offers" off of the website, unless you want to pay $30.00 a month for a 90 day supply. I will stick to QVC deals (way better!)

My complaint is how they conduct their business. When I signed up for the offer, it was not made clear that I was signing up for a recurring shipment/billing, and I specifically looked to see if that was the case when ordering. Upon recieving the product and being informed I would recieve a 90 day supply and be billed monthly, I called to cancel.

The phone system would not recognize any of my account information. Finally reaching a person (after having to call back), I made myself clear atleast 3 times I wanted to cancel the automatic shipments and billing. I understand, the cancellation department has to try to retain the customer, but after stating it clearly two times that I wish to cancel, I felt as if my request was being simply disregarded by the representative and not taken seriously. I had to resort to being more firm and a little rude, and I hate being rude to people in customer service, in order to get my account canceled.

I did not want a 10 minutes debate on why I should not cancel.

While I love the product, my experience with ordering from their site and feeling tricked into automatic billing, the difficulties in canceling, are bad business practices and make me seriously doubt whether I would order from you ever again. Conduct your business honestly, instead of making customers feel as though they may have to cancel their card to avoid any "accidental" charges to their card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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Exactly the way I felt...