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I took the 29.99 initial offer. They kept sending product. I called, was transferred until someone would appease me. Then the product kept coming and the billing wouldn't stop. I have over a year of product and have paid about 120.00!

When I tried to cancel they hung up on me, they wouldn't listen to my request to cancel.

Too Bad! I am not happy with the product either. It makes my hair feel greasy.

It's not worth it girls. Please heed my warning. Try Morocan Oil, not that's a good product. Good Luck.

Review about: Wen Hair Care.

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Send the company a certified letter stating that you repeatedly contacted them to cancel. Tell them that any new deliveries will be considered 'GIFTS" and will NOT be paid for or returned.

Also put at the bottom of your letter below your signature "CC copy to file","copy to lawyer".

I had the same problem with BMG music, sent them that letter and never heard from them again. You have the right to keep any unsolicited products that are sent to you after you have told a company not to send any more.

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