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I placed an order online on their site for the $29.95 trial product. Nowhere I read or saw any statement about being on auto-ship.

On 8/20/11 they charged me $37.94, I was surprised, called them, asked them to take me off the unauthorized auto-ship and said I didn't want the product I was just charged for. She stated they had already shipped it and all I had to do was to put it back in the mail with "return to sender" when I received my package. Received package 8/26/11, placed in the mail on 8/29/11. Then yesterday, 9/18 I noticed another charge of $29.95 on my credit card.

Called them and told them what happened and her reply was " do you have a tracking number?" Are you kidding me? I was livid!!!! I went off on them and their business conduct and their lack of integrity. Not only she refused to refund my money stating that it takes 4-6 weeks to process refund but that there was no way to confirm I sent it.

I trusted I was conducting business with a reputable company and that I wouldn't be scammed. I called again today and got a rude man answering and his reply was "we are closing your account!" Really? So how am I getting a refund? I just got back from bank where I had to cancel the card and dispute the charges.

I had to completely cancel the card to stop being charged. That is LUDICROUS!

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hey what about those"free vitamins"!!!!!! then you get charged for them unless you call and make sure you cancel!!!!

I had a heated conversation with a rep on the phone about the *** vitamins!!!! I've been using Wen for over a week and see no difference in my hair. I have color treated her and have well water.The only thing it does is make my hair easier to brush out when it's wet. Now i'm noticing that my hair feels greasy and heavy on my scalp!!!!

I think no matter what you need shampoo.

I'm gonna keep what I have left use is with my own shampoo and add alittle pump of wen on the ends with my own conditioner. I would not recommend this product!!!!


i have had nothing but positive experience with wen. it controls by grandaughters frizzy curls, my daughters straight thick hair and my grandma thinning wavy frizzy hair.

the first time i used wen i was not impressed but the i realized i had to modify how i use wen. i wet my hair well and then us less than half the recommended amount. i work it into my hair and then do my shower stuff ie: soap, shave and general shower stuff. i then add some water and work wen into my hair after that i rinse but not overly rinse.

(after all it is a leave in shampoo/conditioner. this is the best for my 3yr old grandaughter cause i use the same process on her but when it comes to rinsing i fill a pitcher of clean water and rinse working my way to the ends of her hair. leaving a little product behind really helps in the detangling process. it hold her curls and has made brushing her hair much less of a ouch fest.

so all i have to say to the hater is: use your brain and as with anything find your own style that works best with this product.

i do use a really great shampoo about every other week because i amused to the stripped dry, brittle hair thing(hey, it was how i was raised.) my famlily is using wen and we all love it. this is a great product if you want to have clean healthy hair and not so great if you are lazy and just expect it to work without putting some effort into your hairstyle.


Thanks for the warning about auto ship. Note that QVC also has the auto ship option ("auto delivery" is what they call it), but you can choose it or more importantly NOT choose it.

You can get it for a cheaply as $1.32 per ounce if you buy a set of several 16 0r 32 oz bottles. Typically it costs upwards of $2 per ounce on Amazon and ebay and of course at Wen.

The product is great. Finding a good place/price to purchase it takes some diligence.


I was going to try Wen; I'm glad I read these reviews first. I certainly will not order if it is necessary to sign up for auto-ship.

I will price this on a shopping network or eBay as suggested. Thanks for the tips.


Thanks for posting girls. I'm calling WEN today to cancel.

Just received a shipment the other day for the INTRO kit. THankfully NOT on credit Card....


Thank you all for posting this to this site. I am having an issue right now where they sent two shipments of the 90day supply instead of one.

And billed me for 2. I called and spoke to a make rep and he told me to just mark return to sender and put back in the mail. Then I seen these comments online and decided to call back. This time I got a different rep,(Kelly)-who advised to take to post office and get a shipping reciept.

turn around time is 4-6wks, call back if not recieved in that time. I was told by the first agent that two order were shipped because one was scheduled for the 26th of this month and already processing and then I requested to the shipment to be sent on the 19th instead of waiting for the 26th, so it made 2 orders. So I of course asked Kelley if that was true,she did confirm that the original order was already processing at that time and advised if within 2 weeks of the scheduled ship date, don't do the ship now option. (something that should have been posted on the webiste) I found Kelley to be extremely helpful.

She even spoke with a specialist to confirm what the first agent said to me and gave me steps to ensure it didn't happen again. I will be removing the auto-shipments though. I don't like being charged for things I didn't order and then I have to wait over a month for a refund. Online doesn't even show there are two orders made.

And neither order shipped on the date that the online account says it shipped. I recommend if you have to call, please to Kelley. She seems like she really wants to help and do her job well.

I do like the products, but like another person commented, they don't last as long as they say it should. It's very expensive not to last the whole time.


I went to the website so I could order the product and the first thing I saw was that it was automatically shipped every month. I didn't want that kind of a committment in case I didn't like the product.

I ordered it from a home shopping network instead. Well guess what? I LOVE WEN. It took a few days to get out the buildup of the other shampoo, conditioner, and styling products.

But when they were gone... my hair looks like it did when I was a teenager. I am 55. People are complimenting me on my hair like never before.

I color it as well and it has preserved it perfectly except where it is starting to grow in at the roots. Its your fault if you don't read their website before ordering. I saw it right away. I might also point out that I don't use the styling "stick" or the mask either.

Don't need it. My suggestion is to buy it on Ebay or a shopping network.


I was very intrested in trying this product, but not after reading these statements. I am in the customer service industry.

Do any of the Wen employees get that their paychecks actually come from the customers that use the products. Thats right, you work for the comsumers, not the other way around. Without consumers buying your products, you dont get a check, an dont keep a job. I would hope that yall would want to keep your paychecks and job,expecially in this economy, an readjust your attitudes.

Even a "NO" in a polite way is soooo much more acceptable. So after much research, I wont be trying your product.

Is there no option to just "try" the product to see if you like it before you become a member,as it is an expensive product? And if Anna's confontational comments are indictive of what she gives on the phone, I dont need to hear it, as the tone of your comments give you away.


I never mean to be rude. I think its the way I talk. Sorry.


See, Rachel and Raedwan , what I am talking about? This is the way they talk to you.

And I made sure I asked more than once to the first customer service representative: "I just put in the mail with return to sender? No need to track it? " She said no, actually even said to leave a note to post office not to deliver the package.

I am glad Anna posted here for all to see, the way they talk to you! And, no, my credit card company will get me the money back since I am disputing it!


??? What?

Im not rude. Im just trying to explain that we have a replenishment programm. Im probably one of the most respectful girls ever.

Dont get me wrong, Rachel and Raedawn.I also give my recommendation, so she can get a full refund. Bye..


I am sooooo glad I found this site. I was very close to buying this shampoo.

It sounds like I have been saved from going thru the same thing. I can tell what kind of customer service they have by the comments they are leaving. They are rude and very belittling.

Let me recommend you something Wen employee... Learn the definition of customer service.


If Anna is representing Wen, I definitely do not want this product. That is NO way to respond to a complaint, especially when the world can see it.

I'm sure that *** attitude lost your company tons of business, as it just lost mine. You should treat your customers with respect, regardless if they are current or previous customers.

That was a horrible response and I'm shocked the company allows such sarcasm toward their consumers. Completely unprofessional.


Theres a script on the website that says everything. Do u want me to copy and paste the script?

Im sure u dont want to read it right now. And also, theres an invoice inside of every box saying that we work with automatic shipment and ull be receiving one 90 day supply kit every 3 months and ull be charge in 3 payments for every package. It seems to be reeeeeaaaalllyyy hard to understand..... Isnt it?


And unfortunately if u dont have any proof, any receipt from the post office, theres nothing we can do. No proof, no refund. Im sorry to tell you this, but its a policy.

Let me recommend u something.

Go to the post office and ask for any receipt that shows WHEN you sent the shipment back. Call us, ask for our fax number and send the proof.

You will receive the full refund in no more that 10 days. Bye!