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I have never had problem skin in my life - until I started using Wen. I love Wen as a haircare product, but it has made my skin absolutely terrible!

Awful red bumps and deep cystic acne all over my upper back, scalp, and face! It's terrible! Please consider this if you have sensitive skin at all!

I have had minor breakouts when I've switched around to "natural" skincare lines in the past and have come to the conclusion that some unidentified natural oils used will severely clog my pores. They have a money back guarantee so this is good, but my boyfriend loves the products so I will keep them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Wen Hair Care.

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Terrible breakouts soon before our wedding! I had to put out $$$ for dermatoligy appointments to get rid of the nasty bumps and painful cysts. Aweful, didnt find that it even made a difference with my hair anyway as I am a stylist I will just use the good stiff as usual.


I had the SAME pimple like rash that required treatment with antibiotics after not being able to get rid of it. It took a while but I got my money back. Company should disclose this!!!


While I'm glad to know I'm not alone in fighting this battle caused by WEN, I'm afraid there seems to be no resolution. After purchasing WEN in summer 2014, I too began experiencing hair loss but that was not the worst of it.

The horrible acne-like condition on my face and scalp is beyond debilitating! After many trips to the Derm, many inconclusive diagnoses, countless $$ and my 5th round of Doxicyclene, it WON'T go away! This is some seriously bad product! It's affecting my work, my life, my health and my wallet.

Not sure where to turn. And now the complications from so many antibiotics and steroids are literally destroying my body. DON'T BUY WEN!

By the way, a wen is a cyst that forms under the skin. What a *** name for a hair care product Chaz Dean!


So how has this turned out? Did you get it to go away? I am having the same problem!


I also broke out really bad with cystic& whiteheads! Tiny pimples all over my forehead, neck, back and cheeks


Ugh, I just figured it out. I've never had a problem with my skin until I started using Wen.

I love the product, but have stopped using it because it's caused acne on my scalp and face. I wonder how long it will take until my skin clears up.


I used to have moderate acne - I stopped letting my hair touch my face!!

I followed this regimen: for the most part) I wash gently now with the Citrus Clear Face Wash and then use a Benzoyl Peroxide spot treatment. I do also use the Citrus Clear moisturizer, but it does not have SPF protection - which is OK, because my skin is too sensitive for SPF.

I use Baking soda to get my makeup off at night.

This is what worked for me. I have begun to clear up and stay clear.


I just threw mine in the trash... My daughter and I have been sitting around itching our heads like we have flees....

Thank goodness I talked to my beautician... Has to wash hair with peroxide and baking soda 2 times and then mix it with shampoo and condition with olive oil..Hopefully the itching stops soon!!!!


I wanted to add my experience so that others can be aware of this product. I had heard about Wen through many people and was told it worked amazing on dyed dead hair.

So I bought the set, the mint scented one. My daughter and I both used it twice and had great results with our hair. A few weeks later I tried it one more time and then dyed my hair a few days later. Immediately I developed an extremely painful rash on my scalp and face.

My daughter did not develop any problems whatsoever. I had some minor acne previously but nothing like this. It came to a point I couldn't even leave my house as people were constantly asking if I was OK and what was wrong with me. My face was extremely red and inflamed and very very painful.

To the point I was almost puking from the pain. This was a huge blast to my ego, as I have been a model for 5 years and my hair was one of my best features aside from my face and smile. I have now lost about 40% of my hair around the crown and it has been 3 months. At the beginning stage the bumps were so painful I went to the hospital and was diagnosed with shingles.

I was given the treatment but it did not go away. So I went back to the dermatologist and he told me it was cystic acne spread to my scalp. I asked if it could have been a reaction to this product and he said most definitely due to the natural oils used in these products and also mixing it with the hair dye most likely caused a toxic reaction. I am devastated as I said I have been modeling for years and have had to give it up due to being so sick.

I was bed ridden for 4 weeks before the rash was at its worse point. I have recently regained my strength but the acne is still there. I have been prescribed doxcycyline pills and benzclin gel but it is still extremely itchy and my hair is still falling out. I wish there was something I could so because I am absolutely heartbroken.

I had to shave my head to allow the roots to breathe and get all the chemicals out of my hair.I am hoping this acne medicine will help. If anyone else has any tips to get rid of it AND promote hair regrowth please let me know!!!


Same here...was diagnosed with folliculitis from using that cappy shampoo....I am taking Doxycycline Hyclate 100mg 2X daily and have to wash with Ketoconazole not scratch your head....I was told that is how I got the infection....

The Wen shampoo made my head itch I scratched it and bacteria from my fingers infected a hair follicle, plus the shampoo left a film on my scalp...lost some hair too.

Take a probiotic ....turmeric is good for your hair google...take biotin supplements too

I was also told on amazon the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree and Scalp treatment...and Therarpo Medieuticals thera RX is good read reviews...I hope this helps...G.


I had the same problem. Scalp Folliculitis after using Wen for a few weeks.

I do not have sensitive skin or scalp and I have never had any acne on my scalp before. I also do not have dandruff. I quit using it after a month and the condition is persisting months later. I bathe and wash my hair daily.

I also stopped using any kind of product on my hair to try to dry it out and so far nothing has worked. I don't want to go on antibiotics but I'm afraid I have no choice. Wen causes head zits.

Wen causes dermatitis. (just adding those lines to help other people searching for this info)


Happened to me too! I have never had the deep red acne but wen did it...

I quit using for a couple weeks, it cleared up, so I thought I'd try again and sure enough, acne returned... Hair feels nice, but not worth it


Amusing, given that the actual definition of "wen" is "A boil or other swelling or growth on the skin, esp. a sebaceous cyst". I never understood how anyone would run around advertising a hair care product named, basically, "zit".


I experienced a severe case of folliculitis on my scalp (scalp acne) after using the Wen shampoo/conditioner. I am 50+ and have never had this kind of a problem before.

No over the counter topicals helped. The irritation (severe red acne-like bumps, scabbing, itchiness) lasted from Nov. to this week (early Feb.). The only thing that seemed to help (after Scalpicin, tee tree oil, etc.) was my daughter's tremendous acne wash, X-Out which I finally resorted to using on the area while we were away last weekend.

Realizing from that experiment that this outbreak was now bacterial, I saw the dermatologist this week and she prescribed three weeks of Doxycycline and a prescription anti-inflammatory. She said I would not have any luck with the over-the-counters as the situation was severe. We both believe that it was my switch to the Wen in Oct./Nov.

that caused the outbreak. This is really too bad, as the Wen product did work great on my fine hair (I was using the cucumber/aloe).

@CT Wen user

Btw, I stopped using the Wen shampoo/conditioner in Nov. and the scalp acne/scabbing problem persisted, regardless.

I see that others have made the same observation. If you Goole "folliculitis" you'll likely see images that look familiar - I was at least relieved to find out what was happening.

The prescribed

antibiotics and prescription anti-inflamatory are working. I also experienced some hair loss after using this product and I am hoping that this rectifies itself.

@CT Wen user

I'm thinking I'm going to have to see a dermatologist now. And yes, I'm thinking why the he## should I have to pay for anything...I should be able to bill wen!

Yes it may be hard to prove but with fb you could just look at my posts. I'm sure there's something around the time I started using it.


Same thing I used it one time and for the first time had deep cystic acne all in my scalp. I returned to my regular products and tried again in two weeks only to have the same painful result! Very disappointed as I know some people love this product!


I love the way it makes my hair feel but also noticed I'm breaking out like crazy on my neck and back. I've used the cleansing cream from Sally Beauty Supply and never had a problem with acne.


I've been using WEN for about 3 weeks now and it has caused my face to breakout. Both, the left side and ride side of my face and also my forehead.

Before using this product, I have never had any skin problems. I went as far as changing my pillowcases every night to ordering proactiv.

I hope my face will clear up after giving up this product. :(


I also loved the product for my hair. It really tamed the frizziness and brought out the shine.

But like others who posted on this site--it made my scalp, shoulders and back break out. My scalp is soooo itchy--I cannot stand it!!