I ordered their $30 one month supply online. The next month a surprise package arrived in the mail. They sent me a 3 month supply that I didn't order. When I called customer service, I was told that I was automatically set up for an 'auto renewal' service where they automatically resend you a 3 month supply every 3 months. I insisted I did not want this product. They said to return for a refund I would have to pay my own shipping back AND because I am Canadian, there would be additional fees to their holding company that processes Canadian orders. I decided to not bother shipping it back as I would get no where near the full refund anyways. MISTAKE.

Over a 4 month period, my credit card has been debited over $150. The charges are always a different amount (making it harder for ppl to cancel the charges). What I thought would cost me $30 has cost me $150.

The shampoo itself is OK if used in small portions as a leave in conditioner. It however does not work well as a regular shampoo as it left my hair very greasy and unkept looking. All the other products I don't even use. Definitely not worth $150!!!

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I ordered a new credit card right after i tried wen. They sent my box and now i get requests for payment in a bill, like hidden medical bill.

They cant get their money so they stopped shipping product. So wondered if it could go on credit.


I ordered a $29.95 bottle unknowingly I received a new bottle every month. I decided to keep the unordered packages and expected a debit of $29.95 for each package.

I reviewed my my bank account a few months later and found charges from WEN in differing amounts (from $29-$39) every few days.

I thought someone had stolen my credit card info. I talked to WEN and was told that each 16oz bottle that was sent unsolicited was in their opinion a 90 day supply and therefore was being billed at three times the price on the website. They were billing me $89.85/month for a 16oz bottle of conditioner!!!!!

The payments were broken up and debited on different dates in an attempt to hide the deception.

BEWARE ...WEN IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. Their customer website has no account history other than the last order and expected shipping for future orders. No historical prices or billing dates are available.


Same problem...did not order 3 installments although csr tells me I did when I ordered the $29 shipment online. They tell you it's your responsibility to send the package back that you did not order (2nd one) or they will continue to bill you.

What kind of company does this? Chaz Dean is a scam artist...done with him and his product.


wen makes my hair look flippin' greasy! it used to be cleaner with my regular shampoo.

Sucks ***! :(


Everyone should look up WEN hair loss, it makes your hair fall out also and if you go on their facebook web site and talk about it, they will delete you, that is how I found out why my hair was falling out and then I googled wen hair loss, you would be amazed at the people with this problem!!!


Same thing happened to me too!!!!!! Such B.S.

I was not impressed with the product either, it left my hair greasy and did not feal clean.

I just sent another package back after repeatedly telling them i am not interested in their product. WEN SUCKS


Same thing happened to me. I WILL NEVER EVER ORDER anything from that company.


i was smart and used a prepaid cc to buy wen so they wouldnt have my real cc info and Im so glad because the shampoo is horrible! it made my hair greasy on top and like straw on bottom.

I thought it was just my hair so I tried it on my 7 year old who has nice thick hair.

nope! her hair looked dirty and unkept.


Same thing happened to me...WEN is a scam.

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